Wallpapers, colors and more…

Good Morning! Today we will talk about 2015 trends and news!

The reason why is that even the home decor, as fashion, has its trends and its inevitable MUST HAVE!

Let’s start with order, especially with a short legal note that all is good to know, especially for those who plan to renovate their home during 2015.

The “stability law” has extended the tax benefits already set during 2014, including, in addition to the big income tax deduction for the costs of restructuring, also a benefit for the purchase of furniture and appliances, a greater deduction (IRPEF and IRES) for interventions on buildings located in dangerous seismic zones and income tax deductions for purchases of refurbished buildings (I give you the link to the official document published by the Italian Revenue).

So, if you plan to renovate, go for it! Also because some of these benefits will end in late 2015.

Besides with these legal notes, new trends in 2015 are countless.

Gone, at least partially, the shabby chic style, there is space for the Nordic style, clean and simple, decorated with furniture and objects made from recycled and eco-friendly materials.

There are countless furnishings created by reusing second-hand materials.

We have already talked, more than once, about chandeliers created with vases or glasses made through waste materials and matched with bulbs made with Vintage filaments, or small furniture reinvented thanks to the DIY and to creativity.

The walls come to life, thanks to the variety of wallpapers inspired more and more unique patterns, including three-dimensional, giving a unique touch to our homes. Certainly no shortage of floral patterns, textures and geometric multidimensional maxiphotos.

Even the colors resume their space, pastel tones continue to be used on fabrics, paper and ceramics, but combined in bright colors intended primarily for decorative items such as pillows, vases, dishes and more.

You have to know that for 2015, Pantone Color Institute has developed nine different palettes totally dedicated to interiors: from the Style Setting, which offers combinations of purple and mahogany, to Zensations with combinations of blue, silver, gold and a touch of Anemone and to Urban Jungle, formed by earth tones mixed with bright shades of green and blue.

There is no need to go further, you just need to give free rein to imagination and creativity!