Wallpaper: original datails for nursery and kids rooms!

carta da parati bartsch paris_1
Stylist : Jessica Hanson, Photographer : Amanda Prior

Thirties are approaching quickly, and, maybe the age, maybe the desire of motherhood that invests most of the girls, but lately a lot of my friends are happily waiting a child. Hence the idea to write this article, to help them find the right furnishings for the baby and especially to let them know solutions, furniture and wallpaper details, which I love.

There are numerous solutions on the market, especially regarding wallpapers.

• What you see in the first picture and in the followings applied are produced by Parisian company Bartsch Paris, specialized in the production of wall decorations for children’s rooms or for kids play room: there are many proposals with this theme. The lines are romantic and has soft colors, ideal to realize a serene and romantic ambient.

Wallpaper BartschBoboKIds










  • Forèt Noire is a more particular fantasy and definetly fairy-like, made in limited edition by Nathalie Lété for the French company Domestic. For those who want it, it is also available in green. Ideal, in my opinion, the combination with a wicker or bamboo cradle, maybe vintage…

carta da parati domestic

An even more original one is proposed by Mrperswall.it. Besides the possibility to choose from the many wallpapers on their site, you can customize them to your wishes. Simply uploading your own photo, image or any decorum, in a few days you can pick up your own wallpaper. In addition to this convenient service, you can choose from the many original and funny proposals that will help you make cheerful and colorful the room of your baby!

wallpaper Mrperswall

wallpaper Mrperswall_2
Un planisfero come sfondo per la cameretta di vostro figlio (Mrperswall.it)