Velvet Story on Elle Decor, February 2015

I browse monthly a lot of magazines. They are a source of inspiration and new ideas for me, and they allow me to be always update about the news in the field. They help me to elaborate new ideas and projects up to date. At home never fail Elle Decor, Interni, Architectural Digest, Domus, Grazia Interni, Hearst home and many others.

This month the report that mostly got my attention is ‘Velvet Story‘, an article that Elle decor entirely dedicated to one of the finest fabric: The Velvet. The photograph shots by Adriano Brusaferri and Ilaria Bacciocchi underline in all their essence the warmth and the sensuality of this timeless fabric that will mark the 2015. We can see it in different colours, from the most gaudly red to the grey, from the turquoise to the ocher. The location is a wide loft, with large windows, wooden floor and walls in the shades of grey. Against this industrial and basic ambience, the velvet.

In the first act we find on a side the sandy colour Calvin bed by Enrico Girotti for Twils, next to a Overdyet blue carpet by Tappeti Contemporanei, also in velvet. To complete it all, there’are 2 beautiful seats: the sofa Foster by Andrea Parisio for Meridiani, covered with turquoise velvet and the Orla emerald armchair by asper Morrison for Cappellini.

What I really found interesting is the way of using this fabric as a wall coating: I found it original and sensual, suitable for example on a partition wall, between a studio and a reading niche.

As lamps, bookcases and desks, furniture characterized by essential lines and cold materials like steel, marble (for the top of the desk) and iron, in sharp contrast with the soft and harmonious lines of sofas and armchairs, has been chosen.

And you, do you love velvet? Did you choose it for your sofas and armchairs? And for some accessories like pillows and blankets?