The tradition of mountain lodges meets contemporary design

Courmayeur is one of the most famous and renowned ski resorts of the Italian Alps.

Located don the Italian side of Mont Blanc, this little town is a popular meeting point for the jet set.

Countless photo shootings have taken place here, and many films have been set in Courmayeur. The characteristic Maison du Filippo or the American Bar are references for everyone who knows and love the night life.


Courmayeur 1
A view of Courmayeur by night

Mountain lodge, a timeless classic

The typical accommodation of these places is the mountain lodge.

The lodge is a type of house specifically designed to be a haven in cold places, and it is the result of the expertise and the tradition of mountain people.

Among the typical materials for a lodge there are wood and stone, natural elements that provide thermal insulation and a low environmental impact.

For what concerns design, exposed stonework and wooden beams are two distinctive traits of mountain lodges.

Another characteristic of the lodge are the big sloping roof and the typical wooden balconies.

A contemporary design with an eye on tradition

Atelier M2 of Milan has recently refurbished a 200 square meters apartment in the heart of Courmayeur following the rules of a traditional lodge, inserting contemporary accents with taste and style.


Courmayeur 2
Contemporary design combines perfectly with modern touches

Wood is the main character of this apartment from the floor until the ceiling.

The exposed beams are made in recycled wood of different sizes. The solid wood floor and the wooden furniture complete the scene.

Courmayeur 5
The warm embrace of wood

Another strong and rustic material, iron, has been added to wood for the spotlights and the chandelier in the dining room, and also for the sliding door.

The elegance of a contemporary mountain lodge

The rustic feeling of the lodge is perfectly integrated with contemporary features, such as the big chandelier with filament light bulbs over the minimal table in the dining room.

Courmayeur 8
The view from the dining room

The big sliding windows in the dining room and living room allow to admire the beautiful mountain scenery, from within the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the lodge.

The fireplace in the middle of the living room is made of glass and metal and serves as focal point of the whole room, being opened on three sides.

Courmayeur 4
The fireplace is a fundamental item for a lodge

The kitchen is probably the room that most combines tradition and modern style, using natural materials like black marble for a sober and minimal design.

Again, the wood of the ceiling is in contact with iron and natural stone.

Courmayeur 9
The kitchen island in black marble

Style and tradition for all the rooms of the lodge

Getting into the night side of the lodge, we find again wood in the four bedrooms, each one with its private bathroom.

Even if the materials are the same, the style here is softer and more essential, creating a more intimate environment.

The walls and the headboards in light wood make for a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

Courmayeur 13
Not only the headbord, but the whole wall is made of the same wood

LED lightning is more discreet compared to the spotlights in the living room.

From the rooms it is possible to overlook the mountains thanks to the typical wooden balconies.

Courmayeur 12
Every room is fitted with a balcony

The bathrooms recall the nordic style of Spas, thanks to the clear lines and natural materials.

Courmayeur 15
The big mirror and the natural stone sink

Everything in these bathrooms recalls the typical warmth of mountain lodges, but the design is unmistakably contemporary, and it’s probably in these rooms that this union reaches its maximum expression.

Courmayeur 16
The walk-in shower with sauna

This contemporary mountain lodge offers all the modern comforts within a timeless environment.

The typical mountain roughness is reflected by the rustic decorations, but it also has a softer and more welcoming character, ideal for a stay in one of the most refined Alpine holiday resorts.

Courmayeur 11