Thermo S Sculptor radiator by Project the Sign!

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When you restructure your house it is necessary to choose some essential elements to make it comfortable, such as: windows, shutters, rolling shutters, bathroom suites, floors and radiators.
Today we are going to talk exactly about radiators and some other solutions available on the market.
Until a few years ago the choice was restricted to the classical, white, cast iron radiator, bulky and awfully heavy.
As years went by, the ordinary idea of a radiator as a mere heating device has developed into a thermo-fitting structure, designing the object not only for heating, but also as a real piece of furniture, joining together technology and beauty.

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When we look for a radiator,we not only want a well working device as far as technology is concerned and a very good energy efficiency, but we widen our search for those radiators which would satisfy our concept of beauty. That’s why I want to introduce you THERMO S SCULPTOR, made by a young and dynamic firm in Civita Castellana: PROJECT THE SIGN, known for being able to make niche objects.
PROJECT THE SIGN was born as a brand of the PROJECT society, specialized in working one of the most beautiful material of all: the baked clay.

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Skilled in the production of plaster or resin moulds and in the use of digital control machines, they give very good advices to the greatest sanitary firms in Italy and abroad.
Now, let’s go back to the Project the Sign brand and its top item: the Thermo S Sculptor.
This wonderful thermo-fitting was designed at the Studio Diciannovedieci Design, run by the well-known deigner Flavio Scalzo. Its lines do not remind the classical, white and aseptic radiator at all! Placing it against a wall in your house, would mean you could admire a real work of art every day.
Do think that all their thermo-fittings are wholly made of baked clay, being able to keep the heat for long, granting a very good performance whether at a thermic level or as regards the materials resistance.
Furthermore, it can also be personalized according to your needs.
As Marco Pasquetti, the owner and manager of the firm, explains in several interviews on the leading papers dealing with this matter, Project the Sign enters the world market with its brand line as the first producer of baked clay thermo-fittings of a high design. Thanks to this new item, Thermo “S”, they are placed in a new, peculiar, highly technological niche.
The result, as Pasquetti specifies, is a masterpiece for your eyes.

I show you some pictures of Thermo S Sculptor and give you the link of the firm site. I will see you next month with other wonderful news signed again by Project The Sign!


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