The Sketch Bar in London is a place with many souls: amazing art and design will surprise you!

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Today we are taking you to a wonderful place, so beautiful and surprising that the pictures alone will leave you breathless!

Do you know the Sketch Bar of London?
It is a place in which surprise, location and style are as important as the cooking.

To give you an idea, The Lecture Room & Library, the Sketch’s restaurant has two Michelin stars!

sketch bar of London
A glimpse of The Lecture Room & Library on

The bathroom of the Sketch Bar is pure wonder

We can say that the Sketch’s bathroom alone is worth the visit to this place that has more than one soul, all completely different.

A common thread of the project is the attention to the details.
The brilliance of Mourad Momo Mazouz, owner of the trendiest restaurants across European capital cities, lies in surprise.
WCs are little cocoons in which you can hear birds’ tweeting and the psychedelic atmorphere welcomes you with colored squares on the ceiling, recalling the works of Piet Mondrian.

sketch bar bathroom
The incredible bathroom of the Sketch Bar on

The most elegant part of the Sketch Bar: The Gallery – Brasserie

If we had to choose the most delicate and pleasant location within the Sketch Bar we would not hesitate.
Pink velvet armchairs and the romantic and slightly rètro atmosphere of the Gallery is pure elegance.

Architect and designer India Mahadavi used soft shapes and a bright architecture made of bright and welcoming lines.

On the walls, works of art by David Shringley, a Scottish artist famous for his conceptual art works in a simple and linear key.
Shringley has also created a line of fine porcelains used and sold at the Sketch.
We love the contrast between the softness of the seats and the stinging graphics on the wall.

sketch bar gallery India Mahdavi
On a view of the Gallery at the Sketch Bar

Another important side of the Sketch: The Glade – Enchanted Decoupage Forest

The Glade is pure magic: an enchanted forest where wonderful and unusual purple seats looks like precious amethysts.

It is supposed to be a room for breakfast, but then evolves into a brunchbar and welcomes visitors until the afternoon tea time.

A colorful woodland in which lush green leaves, peacocks and colored birds take the guests into a fantasy dimension.

The emerald and blue sofas are made to contemplate in the best way all the incredible details of this place suspended in time.

sketch bar a londra
On the most fascinating location at the Sketch Bar: The Glade – Enchanted Decoupage Forest!

Which part of the Sketch Bar charmed you the most?
We love them all!