Wallpaper for the bedroom, a lot of different options to decorate your room with originality


We are pleased to welcome you again on the pages of our design magazine Fillyourhomewithlove.

Today we will focus on the bedroom, and we’ll have a look at some special ideas for the wallpaper.

It’s always fun to look for new solutions and imagine how to redecorate our home.

There are so many different kinds of wallpapers and tapestries that the choice is often very hard.

We have selected our proposals for every style and trend.

We have chosen elegant solutions so that our magazine should always be a source of inspiration for you and Fillyourhomewithlove could always be a container of new and original ideas.

In the upcoming lines we will see how, with some little tricks, you could get a beautiful and elegant bedroom.

Let’s consider the standard furniture for a double bedroom, consisting of a bed, a chest of drawers and a wardrobe.

Then we have paintings, or mirrors, either stretching for the whole height of the room or half length.

This just to let you think about how many home decor items that you can use to decorate and enrich your bedroom.

How to give a new look to your bedroom

To make a bedroom which is both special and original, you should definitely go for particular wall paintings and the beloved tapestry.

Hence our desire to show you some proposal suitable for a romantic and relaxing environment, such as the bedroom.

Applying wallpaper to the bedroom is one of the most spread trends in recent years to enrich the house.

Now it is trending more than ever, and it can be found in a lot of fantasies and varieties.

In the upcoming paragraphs we will give you some advice on how to put it on the wall behind the bed to change rapidly the whole room’s look.

We must consider our walls as a white canvas on which to express our creativity, and wall decorations are a valid, versatile and modern choice.

Indeed, wallpaper can completely transform the perception of an interior environment, avoiding the anonymous feeling of a bare wall.

Most importantly, in the bedroom, an intimate room devoted to relax, it is necessary to create a dynamism that often, because of the little space available, it is impossible to get with furniture. 

Let’s see then some settings, suitable for every taste:


  • Dove grey wallpaper 
  • Shabby chic tapestry for the bedroom
  • Decorations and nuances for the house walls, for those who like to relax in a classic setting
  • Today’s trend of plants and trees design
  • Modern style wallpaper
  • Digital print for panels and wallpapers
  • Boiserie effect wallpaper for the bedroom


Dove grey wallpaper, perfect for the wall behind the bed

The first step is choosing whether to use wallpaper on just one wall or the whole room.

You should evaluate this considering both the geometry of the room and particular volumes or niches that should be enhanced.

It is clear that the wallpaper will highlight the spot on which it will be placed, so try not to choose hidden and less visible spaces.

The first idea is to apply it on the wall behind the bed’s headboard, which will be enriched, especially if it has a modern and minimal design.

By doing so, you will create a very effective focal point, which is ideal if you don’t want to weigh down the whole room or if you have little space.

The second solution we would like to show you regards, on the contrary, all the walls and it is perfect for large bedrooms with a regular plan.

The last option involves a part of the room usually overlooked, the ceiling.

It is indeed an unusual application, but it will surprisingly characterise the room, giving it an elegant and old fashioned look, leaving the walls open and fresh. 

Let’s get to our favourite colour!
We have a soft spot for dove grey, and we already talked about that from every point of view. 

A sober striped wallpaper in two shades of this colour is always an excellent choice of elegance and beauty.

Just look at how it bonds perfectly with the silver colour used for the headboard and the mirror, also with a silvery frame.

To make everything even more romantic and welcoming there are candles, paintings and flowers.

dove grey wallpaper
A striped dove-grey wallpaper for the bedroom (from Pinterest)

Shabby chic tapestry for the bedroom

The Shabby chic style reminds of floral motifs and fantasies.

Not everyone likes floral wallpapers.

What we are presenting here, by the way, is a very delicate tapestry: it has a refined motif that we find suitable for a sober shabby chic bedroom without too many frills and crochets.

Along with such decorated wallpaper we suggest you furniture in the tones of white.

The fabrics must not be too invasive too. You could just go for bedding and pillows both rose or white.

In this case, the owner has chosen a blown glass lamp, in shades of pink, that enhances the shabby tapestry even more.

shabby bedroom wallpaper
From designmag.it a delicate wallpaper for a shabby chic bedroom

Classic bedroom wallpaper

When it comes to classic tapestry for the bedroom, we always think of Damask.

We have chosen the grey shade, set in a room that has a great balance between fabrics, walls, decorating items and furniture.

Also Damask patterns go well with silvery mirrors, frames and chandeliers, like the ones we see in the picture below.

This motif is very majestic, and gives substance to the bedroom. We find it perfect for bedrooms for those who love elegance and sophistication.

classic bedroom wallpaper
A tone-on-tone bedroom with neutral colours (from Pinterest)

Contemporary style wallpaper for the bedroom

We just love floral motifs.

They are very contemporary, also in the bedroom. They give extreme freshness to the room and they let us indulge choosing coordinated home decor items.

Green dominates the wallpaper trends in these years. We also love that, and we think they are useful to bring amusement and serenity within the home walls.

They help to relax the eyes and the mind. 

We suggest using this motif for the headboard, but also for the armchair zone.

Remember that this kind of pattern is quite preponderant, so place it with care.

Using this wallpaper in the bedroom can give a wonderful scenographic effect, especially if we play with tone contrasts.

First of all it is necessary to evaluate carefully the colours and the style of the furniture, the pre-existing items and fabrics which have to be chromatically consistent with the wallpaper, in order to have a uniform effect.

The fantasies are so many: geometry for those who like classic style, floral themes for the ones looking for romantic nights, or even an abstract design for modern style lovers.

The finishes are very disparate too.

You can find wallpaper in fabric or natural materials such as juta, cotton and silk, often with a 3D texture, very interesting to touch.

contemporary wallpaper
From muralswallpaper.com a very trendy wallpaper with a plant motif

Modern wallpaper for the bedroom

Do you fancy a wall decoration between the past and the future?

Translucent items on a matte base, with motifs extending upwards. This is a beautiful declination of a modern wallpaper.

The one you are looking at is an example of tapestry with glossy decoration, enhancing the golden colour.

It is ideal combined with tone on tone curtains.

modern bedroom wallpaper
A modern wallpaper with glossy gold details, from janeclayton.co.uk

Digital print for panels and wallpapers

If you’re not a fan of the classic patterns of wallpapers, you can opt for these beautiful personalised panels with a unique drawing or pictures, adjusted to the size of the wall.

These decorations are made with the digital print technique, which has come to high end performance in recent years.

They are actually custom-made, so they will adapt perfectly to the surface and this is an exceptional plus.

These wallpaper are made with handcraft methods, giving always an excellent result.

It is an interesting alternative to create a unique and surprising wall.

Naturally, you must consider the size of it.

It is not ideal to put very big illustrations on little or narrow walls, which would not make justice to the original image.

On the contrary, on big surfaces, it will be fun to create original scenographic effects.

Boiserie effect wallpaper for the bedroom


This fashion is suitable both for Provence and classic styles and more minimal ones.

It can be applied on only one wall, maybe the one behind the bed, or even on the whole surface, as it’s more seen in the good old times rooms.

The idea is to recreate a perfect combination of two papers on the same wall, separated by an horizontal element.

The result is very romantic!

Usually it is preferred to put the most elaborated and lively paper in the upper part, while the most sober one goes in the lower.

At the bottom is usually applied a geometrical motif that compensates the fantasies of the top.

For this type of decor it is necessary to pay attention to the height of the room, especially if you want to place it behind the bed. In this case there is the chance that it would be less visible.


What is the perfect bedroom wallpaper for you?

We would choose each of these ones, obviously according to the style and the context.

Remember that tapestry and wallpapers are easy to remove and change, so we can “dare” with unusual themes and colours.

With all the different choices given us by the producers, changing will be fun and exciting!

Let us know which one is your favourite!