In August 2021 The Paradise Now bar has opened in Düsseldorf  in Hammer Strasse 27.

An area of 1000 square meters hosts a bar, a restaurant, a bistrot and a club. Guests can move within all these different environments at any moment.

The project is the result of the collaboration between the restaurateur Walid El Sheikh and the designers Moritz von Schrötter and Charles Bals  from design studio Parasol Island.

Paradise Now
The Paradise Now in Düsseldorf

A tropical paradise in Germany

The city of Düsseldorf is a cradle of important contemporary artistic movements, and is now enriched by a new space with an unexpected design.

The atmosphere is relaxing and welcoming, inspired to tropical and warm environments. The colors and materials reflect this trend and the lightning contributes fundamentally to recreate the sensation of being in some exotic paradise bar. To add more of this feeling, plants coming from different latitudes.

The restaurant is characterized by wide spaces, high ceilings and wooden furniture. Within the restaurant visitors can take on a culinary journey thanks to the “Coast2Coast” kitchen, with dishes from every corner of the world.

The bar/bistrot area can seat up to 140 guests, who can enjoy drinks and snacks listening to latin music. This space is characterized by suspended chandeliers in rattan and tropical plants, also hanging from the ceiling.

The bar with tropical style furniture

The spectacular counter of the Paradise Now

The central element of the bistrot is the big custom-made counter bar.

It is 16 meters long and can seat up to 30 guests.

The bar, as the shelves behind it are made in backlit marbled solid surface HIMACS.

The marble veining are even clearer at night, when the Paradise Now turns on and shines in its own light.

The backlightning feature can give to the surface any desired shade of color to create ever-changing atmospheres.

paradise now 5
The different colors that light up the Paradise Now bar

Solid Surface HIMACS

The peculiarity of this counter is the material, the Solid Surface HIMACS.

HIMACS is a top quality acrylic stone that can take any shape. It’s a material highly used in architecture and interior design to create high-end furniture.

Its composition consist in acrylic, natural minerals and pigments, all creating a smooth and seamless surface.

This special design make it durable as stone but malleable and versatile like wood: it can be cut, softened, drilled and polished.

On the hygienic side, HIMACS doesn’t absorb humidity, its impervious to spots and stains, easy to clean, maintain and repair.

paradise now 3
Marbled and backlit surfaces in HIMACS

The Paradise Now club lights up after dinner

The same HIMACS surfaces decorate the club zone of the Paradise Now, livened up by a multicolor neon lightning.

The DJ console is made of the same acrylic stone, containing all the essential audio systems.

The futuristic atmosphere of the club allows almost 400 people to continue the Paradise Now experience until daybreak.

Paradise now 2
The Paradise Now neon club


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