The Painted House

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Your flat’s walls are nude and aseptic? You don’t know how to paint and personalize them? Do you wish wallpaper effect but you think the material is outmoded? Here is the right solution for you! The rollers wall signed by The Painted House!

This fantastic paint applicators has been studied to be used on several surfaces like walls, wood, tissues and paper, easily suitable to everything you wish to paint or refresh with a new and endearing design.
Basically they are composed by two rollers settled next to each other.
First of all it is necessary to position the first one in the inner part of the metallic structure and well dip it in the paint.
Afterwords insert the second one (the decorated one) and, thanks to the scrubbing of the two of them, the paint will be transfered from the first roller to the second one and then to the the entire surface, impressing the decoration on your wall or furniture.

All the rollers are easy to use in addition to being washable and interchangeable.

It is a really original and practical idea to use for example in your baby rooms.

There are a lot of graphics, more the fifteen! You can indulge yourself creating for every room different walls, putting together original and extravagant colours without forgetting the touch of romance that never hurts! Your walls will come out precious and embellished with this beautiful stylized motifs in a quick and cheap way!
I provide you the link of the video in which Clare Bosanquet, creator of the Painted House, explains carefully how to use her rollers in different surfaces.
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the painted house, pareti decorate
There are a lot of graphics, more the fifteen! You can indulge yourself creating for every room different walls.


pareti decorate, the painted house
The rollers wall of The Painted House


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Margherita Succi
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