Today we talk about the kitchen, one of the most loved and lived rooms in our houses. Let’s have a look at some suggestions to take advantage of the ductility of the modern kitchen.

Modern kitchen 1
Total white kitchen with modern design

What are the features that make a kitchen a modern kitchen?

Surely the materials are important, and so are the chromatic variations and the technology used to enhance the performance of cookers and appliances.

But that alone is not enough to define the kitchen in terms of modernity. Today, what it really counts, is tailor-made design. To be up to date, the design of a kitchen (or any other room) must give to the customer the highest creative freedom.

A tailor made modern kitchen

Kitchens of today (and tomorrow) are more and more far from the preset standard models and heads towards unicity.

Customization, is the keyword and what separates the old from the new concept of kitchen.

Leading brands, always following the new trends, have understood the importance of matching the quality of the products with a tailor-made service and a design based on the real needs of the consumers.

That’s why modern kitchens are completely customizable according to the customer’s taste but dosing appearance and functionality.

Modern built-in kitchens

Modern Kitchen 2
Built-in kitchen with wooden cupboard and central island

We usually associate built-in kitchens with a rustic, classic style.

Actually, given the importance of the customization, the more a kitchen is customizable, the more is approaching modernity. Standard, assembly line models of kitchen belong to the past.

And what’s more customizable than a built-in kitchen?

The modern kitchen is like a tailored suit. The designer, like the tailor, sews the model based on the needs of who will live it and use it.

Every detail of the built-in kitchen can be personalized to create a unique composition, with a personal and well recognizable style. Starting from the layout – corner, linear, on two walls, peninsula, central kitchen island– to the materials, the handles, the kitchen top the backsplash,  taps and faucets.

With a built-in kitchen you can use contrasts to actualize the composition in a contemporary key.

Matching a modern oven with vintage tiles, for instance, inserting colored details on a total white covering. Or maybe combining wooden cupboard doors with typically modern materials like resin or polished concrete.

Let’s also talk about wood. As for the stone made kitchen, the wooden kitchen is usually associated more to classic style rather than modern style.

Nevertheless, today you can modernize a wooden kitchen and make it more contemporary than ever.

Modern Kitchen 3
Scandinavian style corner kitchen with white and wooden contrasts
Thanks to state-of-the-art production process, wood can adapt to contemporary atmospheres and innovation of hi-tech appliances.

To make it more resistant and more in line with modern taste, the finishing of cupboards, shelves and kitchen tops is often treated with excimer laser lacquer technology.

Initially an alternative to the classic lacquer techniques, this technology offers a super-matte, fingerprint-proof surface and also:

  • Improved resistance to scratches, burns and chemicals
  • smooth touch
  • less yellowing

Modern kitchen tiles

Kitchen coverings have a double purpose: on one hand to define the stylistic mood, on the other to protect the walls with a resistant and easy to clean surface.

Ceramic tiles are among the most used because they can match design and convenience more than other materials. Their main feature is versatility: varying graphics, the pattern, colors and the shape, you can make many different atmospheres.

In a modern kitchen for example, glossy monochromatic tiles are the ideal. Especially total black or total white, to emphasize the minimal composition of industrial modern kitchen, characterized by clean lines.

Modern seamless coverings are also very trending now (resin, micro cement, glass) and big sized tiles too, offering a continuity and homogeneity feeling.

Di gran tendenza anche i rivestimenti moderni senza fughe (come la resina, il microcemento e il vetro) e le piastrelle in gres di grandi dimensioni, in cui la sensazione di continuità e omogeneità è data dalla riduzione visiva delle linee di fuga.

Modern kitchen lamps

Modern Kitchen 4
Hanging lamp over an industrial style kitchen island
Finally, we have reached the lighting section.What are the most suitable lamps for a modern kitchen?
In the lightning design what matters is diversification, a close relative of personalization.

Indeed, if modern kitchens are an heterogeneous mix of styles, you must provide for simultaneous use of different light sources.

From built-in spotlights on the cooking top and other operative zones, to led bars and hanging chandeliers for kitchen islands, or even unusual light sources for a kitchen, like floor lamps. These can be very practical to create a suggestive stylistic continuity between the living room and the kitchen. 

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