Original and suggestive ideas for you New Year’s Eve dinner table

New Year’s Eve is around the corner and we start to think about the menu for the dinner and original decoration to set the table.

If you are going to spend the evening at home, with family and friends, you could use some original ideas.

To surprise your guests and make the dining room warm and welcoming, some low cost suggestions are enough.

It is true that what counts in a dinner like this is the quality of the food, but also a beautiful table setting will create a magical atmosphere.

How to set the table for a good New Year’s Eve dinner?

Here are some interesting and shiny suggestions!

A New Year’s Eve table in gold, white and dove grey

A rich centrepiece for your New Year’s Eve!

The centrepiece is a must have that always gives a touch of charm to the table, especially if it’s made with attention to detail.

So, if you don’t want to overdo it with decorations, this solution could be perfect to create a central focus point.

Our suggestion is to indulge in the choice of colours.

If it’s the only irem on the table you could opt for neutral colours for the setting and dare some higher nuances for the centrepiece.

You could use candles and glass vases, or maybe splendid compositions of well-wishing flowers such as roses and hyacinth.

There are plenty of different solutions, even for those who prefer Do It Yourself.

An alternative table setting in total black

A unique menu to enrich the table

Food preparation is surely one of the most important aspects for this evening.

It could be a good idea to put the menu on a piece of paper for each guest’s seat.

This can be either handwritten on a simple paper or printed and decorated according to your taste.

It is a little detail that will be surely appreciated, especially if coordinated with the colours of the mise en place.

A darker setting could be a valid alternative to white and gold

How to set the table for New Year’s Eve: decorating with reuse

Do you wish to avoid buying new items to enrich your table?
If the answer is yes, you can decorate with recycled materials!

Here are some examples:

  • You can use some spare bread bags as vases for a floral composition
  • Glass jars for jams and sauces can be reused inserting pomegranate grains, aromatic herbs and candles

If you have enough, you could just put one of those for each guest seat, it will be a special decorating item that can also be used as a gift. Just add a small piece of paper with the guest’s name on it and voila!

Decorate with balloons: a timeless classic

The keywords for this New Year’s are glee and lightheartedness.

We suggest decorating your centrepiece with funny balloons, which are coming back as a trend in recent years.

Fastened to the table they will remain suspended and there will need just a few touches to give a different look to the dining room.

This disposition will allow to save precious space on the table for the courses, which could be placed easily at the centre.

You can choose gold or silver, maybe recalling the palette of the mise en place, or let loose in choosing balloons with shiny confetti inside!

For a really glamorous result, try to enrich them with tassels or bows!

Get a shiny look to your table waiting for the new year!

Gold and silver are undoubtedly the most used colours for New Year’s Eve dinner.

You can use them together to create a shiny effect or singularly for a more refined style.

Some red flowers to decorate the table

We suggest to unite black and gold: it will be a triumph of sparkle and elegance!

For New Year’s you can indulge in decorations, but always pursuing harmony, and avoiding tacky.

Too many elements can overload the table and confuse the original design.

If you are going for gold and silver details, it could be interesting to make them the main focus of your table.

Also inserting throughout the length of the table a composition of various objects, recycled or DIY could be a good idea. Glitter, small shiny gems, Christmas ornaments of various sizes could make for a good start.

By doing so, this part will capture the attention of your guests and it will distinguish your table in a delicate way.

If you like tablecloths, don’t hesitate looking for one of shiny and bright colours. In this case the table setting must be neutral with soft colours.