Yvonne Ellen’s Dishes

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Today we talk about… Yvonne Ellen’s Dishes!

The art of dining and cooking encloses severals meanings. It expresses in the ability of perfectly cooking the dishes of our traditions, in the ability of pulling over in an original and creative way smells and tastes of ingredients coming from faraway countries, in the ability of mixing flavour, sugar and butter to create exquisite delicacies.

But the art of dining is also much more. It’s hospitality. It’s receptiony. It’s the ability of making guests and friends feel easy. It’s the ability of getting them around a table set up in the best way.

Personally I take a lot of care about laying the table, most of all for the special occasions. Candles, crystal glasses and cloth napkins can’t miss.

Undisputing protagonists the dishes, whether they are colored, white or with particular patterns.

I really have a lot of them but the ones I prefer are the Yvonne Ellen’s dishes.

More than dishes they are works of art, entirely made of fine porcelain and hand-decorated All Made in England. They have a beautiful design: every single detail is perfectly well-finished, from the study of the subjects to the realization of the golden edges. Look, they are so original that they can even be used as pictures to hang on the wall. The only advise is the “hand-wash only”, especially to keep the golden edge intact.

And you, how do you dress your table?

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Credits: Yvonne Ellen

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