December is here, and so is the Advent calendar to lead us to Christmas

The story takes place in 1920, when Gerhard Lang sold in Germany the first Advent calendar, with the 24 slots full of Christmas-shaped chocolates.

But where did he find the inspiration for that? 

The story we are about to tell might seem made up, but believe us, it’s true.

The origins of the Advent calendar tradition have Gerhard as the main character.

During his childhood, Gerhard used to ask his mother when Christmas would arrive, starting from the first days of December, and with Christmas all the sweets, the chocolates and gifts to unwrap.

This question was repeated non-stop every single day to Gerhard’s mother, until the woman had a brilliant idea: to prepare 24 spiced biscuits, one for each day before Christmas,

Each day was special for Gerhard, with a special Christmas treat.

Years later, Gerhard was walking by a chocolate shop window, and the biscuits made by his beloved mother came back to his mind, and with them the fantastic idea to create an actual Advent calendar, containing 24 slots with chocolates and other sweets.

In a short time this tradition spread across Europe, to become famous worldwide.

There are many Advent calendars for sale, but just think at the originality of creating one of your own, maybe for your children.

Here are some suggestions and original design ideas.

Some simple buckets can become treat slots for your Advent calendar
You only need some little bags and coloured twines to make your own Advent calendar special.
Another idea are small treat packages hanging from clothes pegs!
An idea for a minimal calendar.

Have fun!