A sofa in my mind: Natuzzi presents ‘Sound’.

The summer is over and with the arrival of cold weather we usually dedicate ourselves more to our home. What could be more welcoming than a nice sofa to spend evenings by the fireplace?

For some time now I have been looking for a suitable sofa for my house: it should be sophisticated and comfortable.

After much research, I have opted for Divani &Divani by Natuzzi, taking into account a wide range of proposals:

Firstly, “Sogno”, a while leather sofa with high back and integrated lower back support to ensure the best comfort. With open base and metal foot, it was a modern design.

Secondly, “Fantasia”, certainly more classic than the previous one but still practical, beautiful and functional. With a simple gesture, it turns into a comfortable sofa bed, with Greenplus Mattress, made up of microporous polyurethane elastomers. It has a great adaptation capacity to the various body pressure which gives big support to the spine.

divano letto natuzzi

Finally, how could I have not noticed the beautiful “Sound” armchair!!! Its design and gold colour have been seduced me!!! The armchair has a mini-jack cable that can be connected with any Mp3 players and inside the back cushion a 25-watt amplifier and two invisible speakers turn the armchair into a stereo surround system.


Well, three different products that share high level of quality. It is time to take a decision, but it is not easy!!