It’s December and with it the festive air that you breathe in this lovely period of the year.

The streets are filled with lights, the stalls and the desire to exchange the long-awaited Christmas gifts it’s strong and clear.
The beauty of Christmas is not only receiving gifts but also making them.

Thinking of a gift is to dedicate time to a specific person, to dig into his tastes and desires.

The first selection, and very often the only one, takes place online.

And it is precisely for this reason that I wish to provide you with a series of suggestions that can accompany you in choosing your gifts.
Clearly, my advice always refers to design and objects that can bring beauty to the homes of those who receive them.

I thought about three gifts branded Mipiacemolto which I personally chose also for my house:

  • A small table that, in addition to performing its normal function, has two compartments useful for magazines or books.
  • Lime, a mirror complete with an integrated shelf, perfect for the entrance area and more.
  • A shelf with inscription LOVE that acts not just as a decoration for the wall, but also as a bookcase.

Smart gift idea: Multifunctional and Minimal Tables

A nice and original gift to a person who loves design could be this round small table made of metal.

regali firmati mipiacemolto dal design minimal
Aspirino, the design coffee table on my loft

It is called Aspirino and has been designed by Roberto Giacomucci.
It might look like a small table, but it’s not.

The part below the tray contains a “pocket” which may hold books or magazines.

This gift is also perfect for a freelancer who likes to decorate his office with design objects, for example.

tavolino aspirino


Circular mirror with integrated shelf with minimal design for the entrance

Put a metal shelf with a fancy design together with a circular mirror, and you’re done.

regali firmati mipiacemolto dal design minimal

Lime mirror with shelf positioned at the entrance. Perfect to check your look before going out

Lime it is an easy-to-fit mirror in any living context. I also find it perfect for a bathroom of the living area or even for an office.

Its minimal lines make it attractive.

For the entrance of my house, I chose it black, in contrast with the wall, but you can freely move between the 11 colors proposed by Mipiacemolto.

Wall design: minimal furnishings to decorate the walls

At last my favuorite: LOVE
I hung it over my bed and I have to say that I love this bookcase.

Usually, we never think of a space dedicated to books inside the bedroom.

Most of the time piles of magazines and books are put on the side tables, waiting to be read.

regali firmati mipiacemolto dal design minimal

What’s a better solution than a minimalist wall decoration that also acts as a bookcase?

On the Mipiacemolto website it’s possible to choose it in a great variety of colors: milk white, coffee black, cement gray, turquoise blue, sky blue, petrol green, sage green, sunflower yellow, cherry red, salmon pink or purple violet.

I want to stress out that the LOVE letter design shelf is made of painted metal. It can accommodate not only books but also objects and all your memories.

I placed it in the bedroom, but it is also perfect for the living room or the entrance area.

Assembly is very simple: in the box, you will find the necessary screws to hang it safely on the wall.

mensola love rossa

You know, those who love design often buy objects or home decor decorations for their home.

Therefore, if the person to whom we are to give a gift falls into this category, it is necessary to look for particular objects, that can strike them.

Browsing the site of mipiacemolto you will find many other objects made of metal and painted with more particular colors.

Take a look at it and write down what are your favorite home accessories.

Enjoy your shopping!