Xmas is coming up and it’s time to start thinking about gifts!!!!As I posted a few days ago on Facebook, Fill Your Home With Love is pleased to present a new section “Xmas Dreams”, born from the cooperation with some stores and well-known brands, where you can discover unique and unusual gift ideas.I would like to introduce you to this new section by talking about one of the most beautiful and exclusive store on the Adriatic Coast of Romagna: Block 60 Riccione, where new inspirations and innovative reign supreme.
“Japanese Dream”, published by Alinari 24 ore (co-produced and distributed by 24 ore cultura), includes the most striking images by Felice Beato and Yokohama school to celebrate Japon. When fliping through the pages, I immediately understood the author’s intent: his photographs want to document and portray the culture, the customs and the colours of an Imperial State that was unfamiliar and remote to most people in the West. His images illustrate men, women, many aspects of like and work, as well as classic Japanese landscapes. In the area dedicated to books and decorative objects for your home, I found some ideas, first among them two books “Grand Tour” and “Japanese Dream”.The first one, published by 24 Ore Cultura, is a photographic journey through Goethe’s Italy. Specific book’s sections include the wonders of the most famous cities such as Venice, Bologna, Florence, Rome and Naples.






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