Our suggestions for designing a Provence style kitchen

A Provence kitchen is different from all the others, not only for the colours but also for the lines. We have glass cabinets, kitchen islands or peninsulas, all decorated in a true Provence style.

Provence kitchen with mint-tinted drawers.

This kitchen you’re looking at can be defined as an absolutely provencal kitchen.

The key elements are the cabinets design the drawers all over the furniture, the glass cabinet and the open plate rack.

The design is elegant, without any rough edge.

Another fundamental element of this kind of kitchen are the open-style cupboards. They are perfect to store and show plates, cups, mugs and other items. Every-day use plates become a decorating element. 

Even the choice of the knobs is not casual. In this kitchen, for example, they are combined with the sand shades of the worktop.

It is also interesting the choice of replacing some storage units with baskets, easy to extract and convenient to use.

A beautiful green Provence style kitchen.

Cream-toned Provence style kitchen.

Here’s another example of a kitchen, this time with beige and dove-grey accents.

Also in this case, the lines are soft. Differently from the mint-tinted kitchen though, the glass cabinets have been enriched with custom-made withe curtains.

For those who like an even more marked style, the curtains can be made of floral fabric, in the colours of red and pink.

Another kitchen in the tone of cream.

White Provence style kitchen

Let’s have a look now at the most classical model, always beautiful and elegant.

The kitchen hood is reminiscent of the provencal style as well.

The glass case on the right is dominating the room. In this case, given the big size of the cabinet, you could also fill it with kitchen books and linen, such as tablecloths and towels.

A white Provence style kitchen with a black worktop.


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