Vertical gardens are always more sought-after, especially in big cities, where the space to use the green thumb is limited to just few metres of the balcony.
In the last years several architects have enriched their projects with plants and trees. By way of example, in the heart of Milan there’s the Boscolo Verticale skyscraper, created by Stefano Boeri, whereas in Paris there’s the Oasis of Aboukir, created by Patrick Blanc, the inventor of the green walls.

Going back to terraces, how can we make them greener with plants and flowers?

An original solution, to say the least, is represented by Greenery, green walls designed by Paola Lenti with Verde Profilo company.

The work consists in real freestanding walls made of steel, that can be used as partition or mobile walls.

Inside there’re removable containers provided with a useful drip irrigation system for an easier maintenance.

The walls can accomodate all the flowers and plants you would like to place.

Besides being very beautiful aesthetically speaking, they are perfect to filter out dust particles, especially in big cities, and to ensure optimal thermic insulation, if placed on the building walls.
What do you think about it? And what about you? How do you arrange your terrace?

plants and vertical gardens by paola lenti plants and vertical gardens by paola lenti