Marco Maccagnan, born in 1975, founder of lab design, the ideal, creative place to plan a house supported by his experience and professionalism.I was deeply struck and curious by the way he uses to define himself and his planning studio, lab design.

Marco Maccagnan defines himself as a dreamer who looks with curiosity at the world around him, to be able to capture dimensions and colors to turn them into materials. For him, it is fundamental to wish to look at the future with dreaming eyes and re-interpret it using imagination together with a deep love for beauty and originality, the main requisites to plan a house. Its job is to turn our dreams into reality…. And I must say that he does it pretty well.

He is an interior designer to all intents and purposes, in the study of the house spaces, in particular. He works out a plan thoroughly, as follows: he conceives the shapes and dimensions redrawing the spaces inside to complete them with furnishings and objects made to measure, to make that house unique. In a few words, if you decide to plan your house making use of his professionalism, lab Design will deal with everything: starting from the arrangement of the rooms, to the choice of the styles and the realization of furniture made to measure suitable to your house.In order to describe him even better, I want to show you one of his projects that, in my opionion, represents him perfectly: Natura Umana (Human nature). Marco Maccagnan uses to say that “…..thinking of these objects I tried to imagine such volumes as to make the perception of space disappear, keeping shape and purpose untouched and creating a perfect union between the clearness of white and the almost nostalgic touch of such a natural material as wood, thanks to a careful salvage of old hayloft floors…”

To plan a house with lab design – The design according to Marco Maccagnan.

To plan a house with lab design – The design according to Marco Maccagnan.

To plan a house with lab design – The design according to Marco Maccagnan.

It was right in this way that he made the table, the book-case and the lamp you can see in the pictures: folding steel, thin sheets and putting old wooden floors together, to recreate wooden objects.
I think they are perfectly suitable to an industrial style context, where the use of these materials lords it.
In detais, the structure of the table and the book-case were made in tubular steel painted in white, while the top was made in young pinewood.
A few days ago I had the pleasure to meet Marco Maccagnan personally and I took the chance to ask him some questions.

1) What can you see in the imminent future? Have you got any project to tell us about?

“A few days ago I was commissioned a new job I care a lot about. An unusual and absolutely stimulating one, dealing with a house in the old town centre of Feltre, where my client lives as a lodger. For this reason I do not intend to redo the spaces or replace the existing furnishings with new ones either. Starting from here, I will give everything a new look, using natural materials, intensifying light and colors just as I use to do. Those who would like to follow me in this renovation, will be able to follow the work progress in real time on my Instagram page: labdesign_interior.”

2) Thus, besides the realization of new products, you give a new life to old ones?

“Exactly. This is just my peculiarity. Besides designing new products, I love to give a new look to old ones. I like the industrial style a lot, that, as you can see on my web-site, characterizes a large number of my renovations, such as the cupboard made with old ballot boxes, some tables made out of wooden logs, lamps and chairs.”

To plan a house with lab design – The design according to Marco Maccagnan.


I do not know what you think, but I am awfully curious to see the realization of this new project of his. We have nothing to do but follow labdesign_interior on Instagram in real time. I can’t wait to see it!

Special thanks for photos 
Luca Dal Zotto.