The first Diptyque Perfume shop was opened in Milan in collaboration with Olfattorio

For more than 50 years Diptyque has been celebrating its presence in the luxury craftshandmanship business, in the purest tradition of savoir-faire and “hand-made”: the raw materials are carefully chosen and each candle is made by taking care of every single detail as you can see in this video.
The fragrance shop is divided into two sections, one dedicated to the exhibition of several collections of eau de toilette and eau de parfum and the other to home fragrances, scented candles and, I had already presented to you in one of my first posts.
Pop round to the boutique, it’s really worth it! The preciousness of the material used, the wallpaper and the minimalist furniture of Parisian chic style make the store very impressive.

fragrances, candles, milan, italy
Fragrances and candles in the Perfume shop Diptyque
diptyque, perfume shop, milan, italy
Fragrances in the first Diptyque Perfume shop in Milan
candles, fragrance, perfume shop
Luxury candles in the first Diptyque Perfume shop in Milan