We often have to furnish small flats, sometimes also with a single central room in which we need to put both kitchen and living room. Even if most of us love open spaces, a minimum of division in the spaces is needed.

Why not a curtain to use as a partition wall? Honestly it’s less bulky and definitive than a real wall, whether it’s a brick wall or a plasterboard one. Also anytime, with time passing by, if you wish to remove it, in a second your room will get back to the original open space look.

The solution I offer to you today is the Flower curtain by Mia Cullin, created and realized for the Finnish company Woodtones. Since 1987 this company has been designing real works of art: look, they have been the first ones in the world to apply the technical textiles to paper processing.

In fact the extraordinary peculiarity of this courtain is represented by the fact it’s composed of yarn cellulose, more specifically of Tayvek! You’ve got it, it’s made of paper! And the amazing thing is that, through several processes, the paper become always more hard-wearing and long life, thus ensuring an excellent durability.

To the view and the touch, the courtain is thin and light, but at the same time flexible and indestructible: it’s created by interlocking modular elements that elegantly fit all contexts.

Would it fit your home?

tenda, flower, tenda in carta
Flower curtain by Mia Cullin, created and realized for the Finnish company Woodtones.

tenda, tenda in carta