We are going to have a look at an historical mansion, within the heart of Venice in the Cannaregio sestiere, Palazzo Nani. Built in the Sixteenth Century by the Nani family, it has become a luxury hotel by the brand Radisson Collection Hotels.

The history of Palazzo Nani in Venice

Palazzo Nani has stood out immediately for its elegance and refinement.

It has hosted, starting from the 15 hundreds, a rich collection of ancient art, mostly from the Roman age.

The Nani family entrusted the decoration of the palace to the artist Alessandro Vittoria, one of the most prominent names of the Venetian mannerism.

Palazzo Nani Facade
The facade on Cannaregio canal

He made the wonderful stuccos and frescos decorating the walls and the ceilings of the palace, which are still in a perfect state of conservation after almost five hundred years.

The palace went through many vicissitudes during the centuries: it has been the residence of the Nani family until 1810, and that was the period of its highest splendor.

Then, when the family moved elsewhere, the palace was neglected for some time, until it was occupied in the second half of the nineteenth Century by Austrian invaders, who turned it into military barracks.

After the Risorgimento and unification of Italy, Palazzo Nani became a school.

Palazzo Nani Salone Nobile
Wonderful frescos decorating the Salone Nobile

The new life of Palazzo Nani

In 2002 Palazzo Nani underwent a first restoration, in order to bring it back to its ancient majesty.

Today, twenty years later, the Radisson Collection Hotels brand opens the doors of the palace to visitors from all over the world, turning it into a luxury hotel.

Italian Studio Marco Piva was responsible for restoration and refurbishment, after having already worked with the brand for Palazzo Touring Club in Milan, opened last August.

The restoration has been made in accordance with the Venetian Superintendence for Fine Arts and landscape.

The purpose was to guarantee the absolute historical care for the inestimable works of art within the palace.

Palazzo Nani frescos
Frescos has been enhanced with light and furniture

This effort is well noticeable in the Salone Nobile at the first floor.

All the decorations and the frescos have been not only preserved, but also enhanced with the use of lights and sober and elegant furniture.

Maintaining the strong identity of the palace, studio Marco Piva, along with builder Concreta, integrated contemporary elements to enrich its splendour.

The common areas are characterised by a strong sense of inclusivity, to convey the intention to “open” the palace to anyone who wants to enjoy its beauty in its many spaces, from the restaurant to the  secret garden< up to the lounge bar and the many lobbies.

The restaurant has sittings in marble lined with velvet, and the walls are decorated with a white glass boiserie.

Lightning was made by designer brand such as Italamp, Flos and Vibia and also some chandeliers have been made specifically for the palace, like the ones in white opaline.

Palazzo Nani restaurant
The restaurant combines ancient decorations with modern lightning
Palazzo Nani Lounge Bar
The bar has the typical colours of the Venetian lagoon

Rooms and suites

Palazzo Nani has 52 rooms available, each one different from the others.

There are 36 standard rooms 9 Collection, 7 Collection Premium, 20 Collection Superior), 15 suites (8 Renaissance Junior Suite, 7 Junior Suite)  and one Presidential Suite.

Palazzo Nani Junior Suite
The Junior Suite combines ancient original decorations with modern furniture

The presidential suite charms its guests with Renaissance atmospheres.

You will be transported far back in time, into a place rich with frescos and big windows facing the Cannaregio canal.

Alongside the rooms, the palace has also three big private apartments, made by Studio Piva.

Palazzo Nani Presidential Suite
A look at t he Presidential Suite

Working together with the Fine Art Superintendence, the studio has decorated the rooms according to the historical and artistic value of every room.

The style reproduces original architectural elements, for example the arch in the facade is replicated in the rooms and the bathrooms.

Palazzo Nani Bathroom
An arch in the facade is replicated in the bathroom

This whole project was carried out keeping in mind a global vision and also attention to details.

The rooms’ furniture, as for the common areas, is totally custom-made, highlighting the care and attention for the historical palace in which this luxury hotel is hosted.

Palazzo Nani Radisson Collection in Venice is now open to the public.

It’s the perfect occasion for anyone who wants to experience a Renaissance stay in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


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