Happy Wednesday everybody!
Here comes the usual appointment with the #lecasedifillyourhomewithlove column. Today’s post is about an amazing house conceived and designed by Manuela Briganti, interior designer at Biagetti Arredamenti, the popular furniture store
I talked to you about in my previous posts.
It’s for months that I have been offering you their works: their ability to take care of details, to give character to each project they undertake is really evident. The use of known brands such as Cappellini, B&b Italia, Gervasoni, Castiglioni and many others enables to make every home even more special and exclusive.
The Well & Decor wallpaper gives a touch of personality to the living room, making it warm and welcoming.
Nothing is left to chance … would you want to live there, wouldn’t you?
Well, I would!! Have a nice day!!!