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What’s better than a Picnic at the Park in these beautiful spring days?
Sunday is really a special day. .. to devote completely to those we love …
So let’s prepare some good food, bring a soft blanket and chill a few hours lying under the shade of some oak …
This is what I picked up for you at Maisons du Monde…
Special thanks to Maisons du Monde for welcoming me in one of their showroom and letting me create and take pictures of everything i wanted.





Margherita Succi
Margherita Succi
Mi presento. Sono Margherita Succi, ho 33 anni e sono l'anima pulsante di Fillyourhomewithlove. Sono laureata e specializzata in Marketing e Management internazionale con una forte passione per tutto ciò che gira intorno al design. Ecco perché amo raccontarvelo ogni singolo giorno.

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