an original and industrial living room

Who’s never seen this living room at least once? And who’s never craved to sit on this famous aqua green sofa? How can we forget the green door that our favourite actors opened a thousandfold? Haven’t you recognized it yet? Do America, New York, Brooklyn ring a bell? Are you still wondering whose home is this?
<It’s the famous loft of Daniel and Rufus Humphrey, lead actors in the beloved american tv serie Gossip Girl!! It has always given the idea of being a cozy and friendly home, ready to receive friends and family and to organize stunning parties. What makes it so, besides people who live there, is the decor, the choice of colours, fabrics, carpets, fully embrancing the industrial style.
But how can we reproduce it at home? It’s easy! Go to MADE.COM and follow my tips: I’ll help you to compose an industrial style living room inspired by the Gossip Girl loft, by choosing sofas, armchairs, lights and home decor, perfect for reproducing this style that we love so much. Let’s start from the beginning, by choosing the seats for our living space. Among the many products offered by, I chose the Orson 3 seater sofa in biscuit beige colour, with warm and soft lines. The wood legs, provided with castors on the front, make it practical, elegant and luxurious. To bring some Vintage glamour to the living space, there’re the two Jazz armchairs, in Cognac colour, inspired by the 30’s and in full contrast with the traditional design the sofa is characterized of. The seat, practical and comfortable, is upholstered in bicast leather and padded with medium-soft foam.

industrial style
Divano tre posti Orson color Beige –
industrial style
Poltrona Jazz color Cognac –

In the corner, between the sofa and the armchair, I suggest to set a Range side table, crafted with solid oak and lightly coated with oil. The three brass-plated legs of the table bring a concrete, industrial style touch.

industrial style
Tavolino d’appoggio Range –

Also the lighting plays an important role! I suggest to use two spot lightings. The first one on the Range side table, by using the Starkey ClusterPendant lights. The brushed brass finish highlights the simple beauty of the bulb. I suggest to match bulbs with different sizes and heights. The final effect will be amazing.

industrial style
Lampada a sospensione multipla Starkey –

On the opposite side of the sofa, I suggest to set the second spot lightning, by using the Chicago floor lamp, in antique copper. It perfectly matches with the pieces chosen till now. The lampshade is provided with a specific bulb that faces inwards and reflects off the gold foil of the shade, thus giving a distinctive feel to the living room.

Lampada a terra Chicago -
Lampada a terra Chicago –

Once chosen the basic pieces, we can now focus the attention on the walls decorations. I thought up for you a combination of prints, mirrors and wall clocks that give our industrial living room the right character. I suggest to match the Academy Collection (limited edition) prints that include a selection of images of international icons, with mirrors characterized my charming shapes and smoothed edges such as the Navi Mirror. The Aurelia Wall Clock will bring the final charm to our living room. Elegant and refined, but with a modern look thanks to its copper edges.

wall industrial style

Don’t forget to choose correctly how to paint your interior walls: many options are availble. You can choose a dirty white colour, a grey one or you can also use resins that are the new trends in painting. If you are looking for a more concrete effect, you can use exposed bricks, that never miss in an industrial style living. A fast delivery is available on most of the products chosen. This is very important for us that we want everything to be available immediately. Furthermore, on Christmas occasion, if you’re ordering at least 3 products, the delivery service will be free of charge!!

Let’s take advantage of it!