Finally at home…finally a few minutes for a rest..I’m opening the tap, filling the tub up and in the meantime I’m surfing the web lying on the sofa. 
As usual, I’m going to visit website and in the IT Lifestyle section there’s a contest that could be interesting to me… “Design Blogger we want you “… Main requirement to attend…describe yourself!!!
It’s always difficult to start, but once you’ve decided what to write in the first sentence, then you go on freewheeling…
…I’m sociable, dynamic, curious, sweet only with those who deserve it, always looking for new challenges and ideas. I was born twenty-eight years ago, under the sign of Pisces: extrovert but shy, clever but seemingly naive, viscerally tied to those I love.
Taurus rising exerts its influence!!! I’m impetuous just to impose my ideas on those who don’t even want to listen at, intransigent, too demanding from me and extremely dangerous when I don’t know what to do! Graduated and specialized in Marketing & International Management, I have a full-time job that absorbs my energy. 
I continuously race against time, too short for me. I’m eager to fit everything in my life. is my little creature, full of expectations and desires. I love to mix anything that attracts my attention from textiles to appliances, from furniture to home accessories. It’s my island …where I feel alive and free..
The tub is almost full… everything is ready for an healthy half an hour of relax…but the bell is ringing! My friends…Well, reluctantly I have to leave the tub with someone else…With my beloved Longplate!!

longplate e teuco