June, 9th. Tuesday

My journey towards Loewe starts at nine past seven a.m. on a train that ,in about two hours, takes me to Verona. A whole day dedicated completely to high technology combined with design, in search of details and excellence in the field of innovation is waiting for me.
Location: The Design Hotel Veronesi La Torre ****.

For those who use to follow my blog everyday it is useless to say that I could do nothing but appreciate! An hotel furnished with Italian high quality design objects only, such as Cappellini, Moroso, B&b Italia, with unique pieces and limited editions.
An ideal place where to create a right union between furniture and technology, exactly what Loewe has done. When we choose a TV-set for our house, we rarely think how we might fit it there. Nevertheless, if you think it well, why couldn’t we combine the TV-set or more generally, our Home Entertainment Systems with our furniture?
Maybe, we were used to think like that because of a generalizing market, but I can assure you that what I’m going to tell you will show you a completely new world.

Loewe means to personalize and understand the customer’s needs. For those who choose it, it means exclusiveness.

tv, loewe, connect
Loewe Connect


Try to think to have a Loewe Connect in your living –room.
As regards technology, you will get the best, choosing a TV-set with an integrated video-recorder provided with an Ultra High Definition display, giving a resolution four times better than the traditional Full HD televisions and provided with an amazing sound quality with its 80 watts of power and the possibility to personalize the graphical interface totally.
Even as regards the design of your home, you would choose something really peculiar. Actually, each TV-set can be personalized also in the color of its framework.
You should not be satisfied with the classic black or steel, but you might choose the most suitable color to be combined with your furniture. Since each TV-set is well finished even in the back side, no plug or cable are to be seen, assuring a total cleaning and you might place it even in the centre of the room.
Many of you already know that Loewe does not mean only televisions, but it also represents an excellence in the field of the sound.
In fact, two special products are made for all those who love to listen to music either at home or elsewhere.
You can see one of these in the picture below: The Sound Port Compact.
It is a mix of design and technology assuring to those who choose it a full and dynamic stereo sound thanks to the wide amplifiers , giving a 80 Watt sound power. It is practical because you can use it easily on your mobile phone or tablet, getting the wireless function on.

Sound Port Compact

Finally, we have Speaker 2go. I think you too have happened to move from one room to another in your house and need to take your hi-fi system with you!
This device will allow you to have your music always with you in any corner of your flat, up to ten meters, if it is used in the Bluetooth function. It has got an essential and clean design suitable for any home, both modern or classic.

Speaker 2 go, Loewe
Speaker 2 go


My day in Verona ended in the wonderful Spa of the hotel Veronesi La Torre****, both in the swimming-pool and the hydro – massage, together with Loewe and the story of their firm which brought innovation and technology in our lives and above all in our society.
At about six p.m., a Verona-Rimini Frecciabianca train took me back home, very much satisfied with the day spent in Verona where I learnt a lot, wishing to tell you about .