“One of the things I love most about my job? It is to go and discover new firms and realities aiming at design and innovation.”

It is with these words that around a month ago, during my journey to Treviso, I published my first photo of the day on my social channels. The first of a series of shots showing my adventure, or better saying, my Blogger day, at one of the leading firms in the field of lighting: Linea Light Group.


Once I got there, I found in front of me a firm that since the very first moment, revealed to choose innovation, search of new tendencies, study of the materials and development of up-to-date products able to meet any kind of need.

In fact, Linea Light Group in the past years, has been able to impose itself in Italy and all over the world thanks to the collaboration with lighting designers and world-wide renowned planners, becoming a leading firm on the market with branches all over the world.
I would like to make it clear that all the phases of planning, producing and assembling of these lamps are made in Italy, the design crucial point in all its aspects.

linea light group blogger tour

linea light group blogger tour

Linea Light Group interacts totally with its customers, ready to satisfy any kind of request.
As we are explained accurately by the engineers and the professionals in the field, their customers and interventions are quite varied: in these years they have realized whole lightings in hotels, restaurants, very important architectural and historical structures, residential dwellings such as Il Boscolo Verticale in Milan, churches, swimming-pools and shops.

Their latest idea, the creation of Lineainshop.com a short time ago, is not less innovative than the others. It is a real e-commerce easy to be used even by the ultimate customer, that is to say by us all. Choosing lamps for our houses will be a child’s play!

Looking around the e-commerce, you will find all their items ideal both for outside and inside spaces, with a wide choice of brackets, standing or swinging lamps.

Under each item there is a technical card showing clearly and in simple words all the features of the lamp so that anybody can understand.
Still on Lineainshop.com, you will find the Gift -Ideas section, where you can buy whatever you prefer for the forthcoming Christmas.
My day at Linea Light Group’s went on tasting very good wines and delicious dishes offered by FerroWine that, a national and international point of reference as regards excellent wines, beers and food specialities.
Our lunch consisted in porcini mushrooms, goat’s milk cheese, ‘paccheri’ ( a special kind of pasta) served with a sauce made with sea urchins and ‘canestelli’, codfish in a crust of herbs, pumpkin soup and ginger, in a really excellet location such as FerroWine, lit with lights and leds signed Linea Light Group.


linea light group blogger tour

My day in Treviso ended at about five p.m. , on a train taking me back to Rimini, together with Baby Marge Led, a nice reading lamp.
As you can see in the pictures below, the lamp can be easily moved thanks to a base which let it to be recharged and be used wireless. Furthermore, it can change color easily thanks to its wireless remote control.
Baby Marge Led will light my bedroom and my dreams, too, reminding me with great pleasure the day I spent at Linea Light Group’s.

linea light group blogger tour