Led lighting fixtures: brimming and extreme design

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Led lighting fixtures combining the advantages of the most advanced technology with amazing shapes

Today I will try to surprise you on my blog dedicated to furniture and interior design Fillyourhomewithlove!
I will talk about light, lighting, technology, lighting fixtures and beauty with simple but innovative lines.
I would like to draw your attention to led lighting fixtures with an unusual design and focus on their amazing versatility.
We have already talked about “led” and focused on its peculiarities, on the lighting performance and the several advantages in terms of energy saving.
We talked about wall led lamps and today our topic will be ceiling lighting fixtures.
Some of them look like jewels.

The history of LEDs is not as recent as we may think. They were designed in 1962 by the physician Nick Holonyak and mainly used as warning lights for electronic and household appliances.
At the beginning the only colour was red and progress was made in the 90s when green, blue and finally white LEDs were used.
At first it had a cold colour temperature but then it started to be produced with a warm colour especially for homes.

The revolution consisted in getting real benefits from this type of technology which has been used in several sectors. One of these is the lighting sector, both for contract and for home environments or shops.

Halogen, incandescent and compact fluorescent lamps have been gradually replaced.
LEDs are with materials such as plexiglass and metal to create unusual sensuous shapes or even sober shapes.

The led technology allows us to have fun with amazing shapes.
The pictures I will show you are a range of solutions I really love.
However, I am sure you remember something extraordinary. You may have been struck by lighting fixtures characterised by gentle, light and ineffable shapes or by wonderful ceiling lights with an angular and clean design.

Let’s have a look at the led lighting fixtures that are the reason why I wrote this article on round led lighting fixtures: metal makes technology precious

Scarica la guida - Illuminazione 2019

Light Emitting Diodes, LED, are small and it’s therefore easy to line them up in sequence on curved and round surfaces.

A simple suspended metal ring shines with its own light and lighting fixtures look like pendants.

round led lighting fixtures
From noticiasdecoramialab.wordpress.com round led lighting fixtures

Lots of circles, made of light wood. Here the LED stripe is divided into two ends, hung with a double cord in colour contrast with the lighting fixture.

led lighting
Round led solutions for lighting fixtures on moooz.com

Underneath, LEDs are fitted in a dark metal structure, creating a symmetric and concentric look. A beautiful design, don’t you think?

led lighting fixture
thedesignwalker.it shows a led lighting fixture with round shapes.

It’s wonderful to find out that LEDs can become a vortex of light, to make our homes amazing.

 led lighting vortex!
From muuuz.com a led vortex!

Led lighting fixtures with concentric light: spotlights yon can’t give up

The choice of the ideal lighting system for your home may seem ordinary but it can influence the atmosphere and what people do in there.

Different functions lead to the choice of different lamps.
For example, you may choose recessed spotlights for the false ceiling in your kitchen because good lighting is needed to prepare food.
It’s important not to exaggerate because 3 or 4 led spotlights are enough to cover an area of about 9 square meters.

The living room is the best place for light games both using appliques and suspended or floor lamps.
However, this environment should ensure visual comfort and relax your eyes so it’s better to choose a subtle lighting. The bathroom is always a challenge and each lamp must guarantee great performances and as well as a pleasant and comfortable space.

I really like lighting fixtures that can light up specific details of your home, such as spotlights.
What I like most is creating a sort of “symphony of lights” by combing led lighting fixtures with this feature.

 led lighting fixtures with spotlight that generate concentric lighting.
From Pinterest a sequence of led lighting fixtures with spotlight that generate concentric lighting.

Even a single lighting fixture with spotlights can create a beautiful atmosphere. Light evokes emotions and everything is wonderful if you can channel it towards the most meaningful moments and places!

 led lighting fixture with spotlight
From davidegroppi.com, a led lighting fixture with spotlight for a great effect!

As you can see there are thousands amazing led solutions with limitless shapes and colours! In this article I have focused on geometric and simple designs.

Advantages and disadvantages of Led lighting fixtures

  • Led duration: LEDs last 20 times longer that a halogen light bulb. According to estimates, its duration is about 50000 hours as concerns blue and white colours.
  • Energy saving of LEDs: they allow to reduce the energy consumption from 50% to 80% and require no maintenance
  • No overheating of the light bulbs: LEDs do not heat overheat so they remain cool to the touch even after several hours. It is known that only a small part of the energy is emitted in the form of heat. This avoids burns and even undesired fires.
  • Resistance of LEDs: they are resistant because their mechanical components are robust.
  • Dimensions of LED light bulbs: since they are smaller compared to normal light bulbs, they can be fitted on the floor or in false ceilings.
  • LEDs turn on immediately: in contrast to fluorescent lamps which turn gradually on, LEDs turn on immediately and reach the maximum luminous flux.

LEDs clearly have disadvantages. LED light bulbs cost more than ordinary ones, but this higher price is balanced by their benefits.
Other ways of using LED lamps of the latest generation
LED technology has widespread over the past few years in the industrial, commercial and home sector.
We often see led stripes under the overhead kitchen cabinets to light the top up but it’s a surprise to see that lighting food for supermarkets and markets has become very trendy.

LEDs are used for illuminated signs and in the area dedicated to wines, fruit and vegetables.

One of the latest applications is in the field of vegetable growing. LED light bulbs are used to optimise production costs and trigger the growth of plants.
In our homes this technology can be used to light up corridors by choosing an imperceptible floor lighting.
Charming colour effects can be created close to the swimming pool or bathtub.
Led lighting system: what is provided for by the rules?

The European legislation passed in 2009 on the lighting system provides for a complete stop of the production of halogen light bulbs from September 2018.
However, these light bulbs shall be marketed until stocks is available, but their sale will not continue for a long time.
Halogen light bulbs are bound to disappear since LED technology has widespread in several sectors.
A reduction by 15,2 million tons carbon dioxide is estimated.
In 2012 the European Community banned the production of incandescence light bulbs which had already reached meaningful energy consumption levels.

What do you think about it?
Would you like to tell me what your favourite LED lighting fixtures are?

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