Led Lights: luminous art for your home!

In this article we talk about a very interesting topic: we talk about lightning, led lights and most of all, of how light is an extremely important and effective item when designing a house.

Recently, mostly because of the ductility of LED technology, light has become an absolute emotional item.

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode.

This kind of light is more luminous than the traditional filament lightbulbs, is more durable, reliable and can be shaped more easily thanks to its smaller size.

The interior designer’s creativity can rely on safety, efficiency and stability of light emission.

Today we are not talking about the usefulness of this technology, but rather of its decorative side.

Thanks to LED lights features we can create proper works of art, fascinating and alluring.

The fil rouge of this article is the minimalist essentiality, which is perfect for a contemporary house.

LED lights as works of art

Geometry and essentiality for a timeless charme.

A simple combination of surfaces, corners and LED lightning becomes a true artistic suggestion with a minimalist touch.

artistic led lights
When light becomes art: an example from contemporarylighting.eu

Another example of geometric light the we like a lot is the one below.

Empty frames leaning on the wall give a pleasant and contemporary luminous effect.

led frames
LED lights for the wall by ledlightsupply.com

The most spectacular chandeliers have LED lights

We have just seen two examples of geometric and sharp wall lightning ideas.

The LED lights versatility is fantastic and it can create light choreographies hanging from the ceiling that give a magical atmosphere to the house.


ring led lights
LED circles from feedpuzzle.com
minimalist led lights
From archiproducts.com a cascade of LED rings

Luminous lines and LED lights: an enchanting effect

This space has been “dissected” and brought to life by LED light crossing the walls.

linear minimalist led lights
On love-it.gr a wonderful LED lit corridor

Here’s another linear effect with a great potential, keeping an essential and minimalist touch for your home.

luci led minimaliste verticali
A very interesting light effect throughout the wall by lucenews.it

Light beams of every shape

Speaking of intersections, we find this idea very original, with the light recalling the shape of a kite.

The lamp seems to be cutting the edge between the walls and the ceiling, for a softer and in a way amusing, lightning.

kite shaped led light
A lamp resembling a kite from imgur.com

What do you like the most about this technology and its design applications?

Your home’s lightning is already using light emitting diodes?


Amici, voi cosa apprezzate maggiormente di questo tipo di tecnologia?

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