Have you ever come back home at the end of a busy day with the only desire to take a break? This often happens to me!!!
I’m lucky to live in a beautiful city, full of pubs and entertainments of any kind…
But only one lets me distract and jump into a magical atmosphere.
I’m talking about Le Milton Beach, situated on the beach of Rimini, at the beach resort n.8.
This place has something special and all those people hanging out at it can perfectly understand what I mean …
when I talk with my friends about it we always say: “When I come here it seems to me to be on vacation.”
The special atmosphere the restaurant provides with is its key strenght.. besides the excellent food…. The owners look after every detail, in terms of both decor and cuisine.
Refined dishes, with attention to detail, from raw fish to first courses, such as Seafood Carbonara, and delicious second ones.. ..Not least is the great selection of wines to match with dishes.
If you find yourself anywhere near Rimini, stop by Le Milton Beach, even only for an happy hour on Sunday evenings.
You’ll be not disappointed…it will make you feel you’re on vacation even more!!!
Have a nice day!!!

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le-milton beach_2

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