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We talked about on many occasions, but what you’re going to see will take your breath away!Here’re two top of the line products created by the young company based in Modena!! The first is Promemoria Lamp, an original item made from copper pipes, that are well-worked and wedged. This lamp can suit any home style. It can be placed in a modern living room or in a study room with antique furniture or at the entrance beside a Vintage armchair.

I love their creations since they’re original and suitable to any décor, thus regardless your home style, you can place the lamps wherever you prefer. It can match, for example, the Norway Chair that you can see below: the frame is made from copper pipes, while the seat and the back from coloured nylon strings. The entire frame was placed on two half-curved oak barrel staves. The result is an amazing rockchair.

Modern and antique style, tradition and innovation merge and interact in the products by Creazioni design, able to design original creations that have nothing to do with the traditional lamps or chairs we are used to think about. Here’s the link to their Website. Have a look at it and let me know which lamp is your most favourite one!!

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An original lamp made from copper pipes

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‘Norway’ chair by

chair, nylon copper, hand made
The Norway chair: the frame is made from copper pipes, while the seat and the back from coloured nylon strings.

Margherita Succi
Margherita Succi
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