Design and tradition at the Darsena del Sale

The town of Cervia, in the Adriatic Riviera has a centuries-long tradition in the production of high quality salt.

The salt of Cervia’s saline is one of the most precious in the world and it is harvested with traditional methods updated with the most advanced technologies.

Over the centuries, Cervia’s salt has been appreciated by all social classes, and a special reserve was even reserved to the Pope in Rome, the so called “Sale dei Papi“, which is still in production today.

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A postcard from the early 1900s

The history of Cervia’s salt warehouse

Built in the early XVIII century, the salt warehouse in Cervia’s harbour is a perfect example of industrial archaeology.

In the 1980s the warehouse has been refurbished and revisited, to be added to the museum comlpex of the town.

The project was trusted to architect Giancarlo De Carlo, who restored the original essence according to the tradition.

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The unaltered water supply and gathering systems

Now, in the 21st century, the warehouse is about to be renovated again.

The new Darsena del Sale

Bologna based entrepeneur Leopoldo Cavalli, founder of the interior design brand Visionnaire and of Fonoprint group, won the call to action by the town of Cervia for the development of the space.

Darsena del Sale (Salt’s harbour) is a complex more than 20 thousand square meters big, and within it, many different facilities focused on wellbeing.

The project is by architect Fabrizio Fontana insists on the complex that includes Salinari square, the canal between the mobile bridge and via Cavour, the green areas of the harbour and the warehouse, which has an internal space of more than 3000 square meters.

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The harbour after de redevelopment

Visionnaire and the furniture of Darsena del Sale

The building has been decorated and furnished in collaboration with prestigious Made in Italy brands, including Visionnaire.

The furniture selection includes chairs, high stools, dining tables and coffee tables.

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The iconic Mercury sofa, designed by Rito Valla, is a re-edition of the 1961 classic presented at the first Salone del Mobile in Milan.

The art design armchairs Pavone (peacock) are designed by Marc Ange.

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The Darsena restaurants

The eating facilities of the Darsena del Sale range from Mediterranean cuisine to gourmet pizza.

Steakhouse and patisserie are selected by Areadocks.

At the ground floor, the Sala dell’Acqua is dedicated to the most sophisticated menus.

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The Darsena Terrace at the first floor has a wide range for brunches, breakfasts and a cafe.

Darsena Gardens, next to Saint Anthony’s Church are fitted with street food stalls.

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Salus per aquam

Besides restaurants, Darsena del Sale offers a modern Spa in the heart of the ancient building.

Divided on four levels, the beauty Spa has a soundproof area of more than 600 square meters.

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At the third floor there is the enchanting Via del Sale (Salt way), a unique therapeutic itinerary.

An invigorating walk on a bed of Cervia salt, with controlled and differentiated temperatures.

FYHWL Darsena del Sale 9
The majestic Via del Sale

Thanks to an innovative glass roof, it is possible to enjoy a spectacular view on Salinari square, the canal, Saint Michael’s tower and the gardens.

The Spa is managed by a team of professionals of Linea Beauty, that have also developed a salt based cosmetic line, using only local salt.

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Darsena del Sale nightlife

Leopoldo Cavalli, the entrepeneur behind Darsena del Sale is also the founder of Fonoprint Group.

The group includes the recording studio and label Fonoprint Records, EffettoViola, specialized in neurostimulation, the Celebrazioni Theater and EuropAuditorium.

All the live shows are managed by Fonoprint Group.

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Artists can perform, during the Summer, on a floating stage located under Saint Michael’s tower, in a wonderful natural setting with a view on the canal, the saline and the Darsena Gardens.

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Darsena del Sale in Cervia is a unique destination, a refined alternative for your holidays on the Riviera Romagnola, giving a multifaceted experience for all tastes.


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