FillYourHomeWithLove is pleased to unveil its first capsule collection of artistic wallpaper, with four collections made by selected artists and designers.

Four different interpretations to provide decorating solutions for every style.

Wallpaper is a fundamental part of interior design, and it has recently been rediscovered by architects.

Starting from the most classic designs, all the way to the most innovative solutions, FillYourHomeWithLove wallpapers will surely capture the attention of your guests.

Their versatility makes them suitable for both private spaces and public contexts such as hotels, restaurants and other commercial venues.

Arte da Parati collection by Angelo Borgese

The first drop of the capsule collection is Arte da Parati, made in collaboration with Sicilian artist Angelo Borgese.

This is undoubtedly the most material, passional and physical collection of all.

Angelo’s work is that of a skilled craftsman with strong dexterity combined to the sensitivity of a complete artist.

“Tra le palme” by Angelo Borgese

Arte da Parati juxtaposes typical elements of Sicilian landscape to the sinuosity of female faces and bodies, expressing absolute sensuality.

With these artistic wallpapers, Ethos and Pathos become the protagonists of the space.

Teletrasporte, the metaphysical worlds of Jo Frascali

FillYourHomeWithLove continues its journey into the world of artistic wallpapers passing from a physical and material dimension to a metaphysical world made of real landscapes reimagined in a dreamy way.

Designer Jo Frascali has already made the door logo for FillYourHomeWithLove, and now he presents his meta-worlds in the collection Teletrasporte.

metafisico metaforico
“Meta-fisico meta-forico” by Jo Frascali

Using the door as a fil rouge between his creations, Frascali mixes places and times fusing them in a new dimension.

For the designer, specialized in building projects and particularly in facades, Teletrasporte represents the debut in the world of tapestry.

The natural elements depicted in his works, like marble, clouds, water and stone counterpose to create a paradox.

Distratta Mente, a trip into the fantastic world of Chiara Salvatori

«Distrattamente (distractedly) I look, I gaze, but then I get lost and I imagine to be elsewhere. Distractedly I find myself far away. Miles, centuries away.».

With these words, Chiara Salvatori, in art Fraise, describes her creations for the artistic wallpaper collection by FillYourHomeWithLove.

The journey that she describes is not material, but rather fantastic: her wallpapers recall the romantic escapism of a traveller with his head in the clouds.

The subjects of Fraise are mythical landscape and heavenly glimpses, and her delicate trait makes them even more ethereal.

autumn in japan
“Autumn in Japan” by Chiara Salvatori

This lightness is applied also to classical architectures, which are depicted in the collection’s models, made lighter and blur.

Another distinctive element are oriental suggestions, in particular from Japan, that define all the works of Chiara.

Il-logico, Luca Ricca’s pragmatism in artistic wallpaper

Luca Ricca, in art Vic, is the author of Il-logico, the last drop of FillYourHomeWithLove capsule collection.

The illusory chaos and illogicality of his creations is actually the result of a long and specific study to create a perfect balance.

Il-logico may be considered as the arrival point of this journey into the world of artistic wallpapers.

arte libera
“Arte libera” by Luca Ricca

Geometrical shapes, material layers and different surfaces patterns.

The tone of this collection is minimal, especially if compared with the other ones.

Artistic wallpaper features

All the FillYourHomeWithLove wallpapers are entirely Made in Italy.

The prints are made with certified, high-end nontoxic materials, and they are adaptable to every kind of support.

The refined design of these artistic wallpapers makes them a precious decorating item, that can give style and personality to every room, either private or commercial.


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