Knoll e il design

And what could be more iconic than the Womb pink chair by Eero Saarinen for Knoll?

It is a piece of history in the design field.

Eero Saarinen realized numerous fiberglass prototypes.

Only from the meeting between him and Florence Knoll born the final version of the Womb: the desire of Knoll was to reproduce a chair with an enveloping and warm form, with soft lines, that would give a protection feeling.

Saarinen in no time transformed the prototype in what would become one of the armchairs symbol of the brand internationally .

I do not know if it ever happened to You to sit in it, but the feeling that it gives you is just that! It fits snugly around the body and thanks to the matching pouf the relax is guaranteed!

It’s available in several colors, but the pink is absolutely my favorite one. I can picture it into any living environment, modern and not.

It is ideal also for a reading corner or a study room. Next to the chair, as You can see, I paired the Ukiko by Moroso table, available in two shapes (rectangular or round) and on a black or pink background.

A combination of different lines: table essential and material, armchair soft and cozy.

Shop now here: Womb by Knoll

A touch of color never hurts!

Have a nice day!

poltrona rosa womb di knoll

poltrona rosa womb di knoll