Kitchen wallpaper: a simple and convenient alternative to tiles

In this article we selected various types of wallpapers for the kitchen, ideal to cover and enrich the walls of this important room.

When we think of the mix kitchen and wallpaper we are immediately concerned about cleaning and maintenance.

Washable kitchen wallpaper

When the wallpaper is applied it is covered with a transparent resin, invisible to the eye, easily washable with a sponge and some detergent.

We could even say that this solution is more hygienic than tiles, since there are no grout lines.

Furthermore, every two or three years you may easily change the look of your kitchen simply replacing the old wallpaper with a new one.

It will seem a completely different room in the blink of an eye!

If you are about to choose the wallpaper for the kitchen, you will come across many different styles, from classic to modern, or even shabby chic or vintage.

There are a multitude of decorating possibilities with wallpaper, being it so versatile, it is only up to you choosing one that matches your taste.

Classic kitchen wallpaper

If you like classic style, we suggest a kind of wallpaper in line with a romantic atmosphere.

We can see two examples here, one of earthy tones another more yellow.

As you can see, the effect is delicate and refined. It will be easy to clean it with a towel or a sponge.

Another important factor is that it’s easy to match with furniture. With such neutral nuances is simple to combine different types of colors and materials. You can opt for wood but also aluminum.


kitchen wallpaper
Classic kitchen wallpaper
kitchen wallpaper
Vintage kitchen wallpaper with white decorations on a yellow background

Country style wallpaper

Birds and flowers for a kitchen wallpaper of country inspiration.

It is perfect combined with a kitchen in style with nuances of white and cream or even aqua green. Other country details are little curtains instead of shutters or glass vases containing pasta or other dried food.

kitchen wallpaper
A country style wallpaper with flowers and birds

Shabby chic wallpaper for the kitchen

Here’s a solution for those who love the shabby chic style. Flowers and decorations in line with this romantic and refined mood.

Surely, like in any shabby kitchen, there will be porcelain mugs, plates and dishtowels  in the same style.


kitchen wallpaper
Shabby chic wallpaper in white and pink

3D Wallpaper

In the next picture we can see a less romantic and definitely more modern wallpaper.
The 3D effect is provided by a striped effect giving depth and movement. This wallpaper is perfectly matching to modern or nordic style furniture.


3d kitchen wallpaper
A 3D wallpaper for a fantastic optical effect

Writing on wallpaper

This wallpaper is perfect for the coffee corner, where the coffee machine and the cups are.

The writing on this wallpaper are recalling of coffee or kitchen menus.


written wallpaper
Wallpaper with dark stamps on cream background
written wallpaper
Blackboard effect wallpaper

Flowery kitchen wallpaper

If your kitchen is on dark tones you could go for an extremely colored wallpaper. Try to combine the dark shades with accessories, chairs or other furniture.

As you can see the impact is strong, but it is a very fascinating solution for a smaller kitchen. If you like colors and fantasies, of course.

Carta da parati per la cucina

World map wallpaper

If you have an empty wall at your disposal, maybe in the dining room, you can go for a wallpaper depicting a world map.

This kind of decoration is suitable for a room with a vintage feeling full of recycled and second hand accessories.

In the picture you can see an example of this kind of wallpaper combined with furniture in strong colors, even purple.

Carta da parati per la cucina

Vintage wallpaper

For those who are less fond of colors, but want to give an original touch to their kitchen we suggest a vintage and elegant wallpaper.

It can be matched with both classic and modern furniture. The grey background is enhanced by the red of the leaves.

Carta da parati per la cucina

Black and white wallpaper

Black and white is always a good choice. We chose this picture for the mosaic effect given by this wallpaper.

It is also very interesting the geometrical mixture of smaller “tiles” with the rectangular ones.

We find it perfect for either a total black or total white kitchen furniture.

Carta da parati per la cucina

In the next picture we can see how different and distant colors can be combined even if they belong to different palettes.

Original and alluring, these white palms on a purple background are well matched with the intense yellow of the kitchen top.

Carta da parati per la cucina

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