The kitchen top is the element that is always in front of your eyes while you cook.

It is the component with which you are most in contact, what you touch most times during the day and where your food is prepared.
For this reason, the greatest designers and the most futuristic architects invest time and resources to be able to develop tops for more beautiful, resistant and hygienic kitchens.
In fact, these are the three pillars on leveraging whether to choose or not a material or a color.

But what if a kitchen top also solves space problems? By multiplying the possibilities of living in smaller kitchens with numerous additional options?
The design of spaces is always evolving, and alongside increasingly resistant and practical materials we also find this type of elaboration, aimed at amplifying the space,

I wanted to talk to you about kitchen tops because I have seen three that caught my attention, and that, in my opinion, deserve to be told.

Glass Kitchen Top kitchens

top per cucine in vetro retroilluminato
Top for glass kitchens


Glass is a ductile material for excellence, and it is able to express itself with colour, shape, luminosity and much more.
If you want a kitchen that will amaze and brighten up your day, a glass top is the one for you.

The only advice I feel I should give is that not all glasses are the same.
Make sure that the glass of your kitchen is laminated and tempered.
The last adjective refers to a heat treatment that, through a very abrupt cooling, gives the glass a characteristics of strength and resistance that makes it more suitable for use in the kitchen. In addition, if it breaks, it will shatter into smooth, non-sharp polished pieces and is therefore safer.

I was very impressed with the backlight option,which I find very elegant.

Top for stone kitchens

The Stone is another extremely fascinating material that combines practicality, beauty and resistance.
Whether it is called kerlite, quartzite or all the names that embrace the family of laminated stoneware,we can rely on resistance to heat, bacteria and scratches.
Now You can also put the Hot plates and crockery as the stone, whether natural or sintered processed is resistant to high temperatures.

top per cucine in pietra kerlite

Top for stone kitchens 

Top for sliding and pull-out kitchens to save space

It is a pleasure to see that technology is always on the side of livability and sharing precious moments of everyday life.
There are precious space solutions proposed by the design of kitchen tops with removable or sliding systems.

So here are the three kitchen tops that have stunned me!

And what’s the top of your kitchen? And why did you choose it?

Tell me…

top per cucine scorrevoli
Top for sliding and pull-out kitchens to save space


top per cucine estraibili
Da Top for sliding and pull-out kitchens to save space