Kitchen Island styles and ideas.

Today we are going to look at many creative and clever solutions for your kitchen island.

Love it or hate it, surely kitchen islands are a good way to improve space management.

They make the kitchen a place to live to the fullest, even through simple daily routines.

Having the sink and the cooker on the island lets space for other countertops to be used.

You need space for appliances, they are part of our daily routine and should be kept at hand: juice extractors, coffee machines and kitchen robots are very used nowadays. Also, there’s always little storage for tablecloths, kitchen towels, mixing bowls, pots and pans.

Thanks to the island, on which you can focus all the most frequent actions like cooking and washing, all the rest could be better organized elsewhere.

Kitchen islands come in all shapes and sizes: the central element is looking good in every style.
We chose some examples for you, hoping they can attract your interest.


Shabby chic style

A storage unit kitchen island in a shabby style, from Maison du Monde

The island is almost a must for shabby chic style.
Usually it’s not functional, that is it doesn’t have a sink or cooker on it, but it works as a storage unit and worktop.

Modern kitchen islands

From a kitchen island with clean and essential lines.

Here’s an example of a modern kitchen island with a double cooking top: electrical and gas.

Traditional style

Let’s focus on classical style and on a kitchen with an island and more.

A traditional style kitchen island which is also a dining table.

On more traditional islands you could also find seats. So, the island becomes both a worktop and a dining table.

Designer kitchen islands

A stunning designer kitchen island by Mondo Design

Slate flooring and finishes are the main feature of this designer kitchen. The stools are recalling the colour of the backlighting.

A marble kitchen island by Mondo Design

Another example of a minimal kitchen with a marble island. On one side cooker, on the other seats.

Wooden kitchen islands

A clever usage of wood as the main element of this kitchen island.

I really like this wooden-made kitchen, used both on the island and on the flooring.

It has a warm feeling and the worktop is wide enough to cook and to eat.

Small kitchen islands

It is commonly thought that the island is only available for large kitchens.
Looking at these two examples you can realize that, on the contrary, the island is very often used to manage small spaces and tidy up the room.

A small kitchen island with storage by
Another idea by Glamshelf

That’s it for today, we had a look at many different and beautiful kitchen styles and ideas. There is one in particular that I like the most.

Could you guess which one?


Write it in the comments! 🙂