Provence style kitchens and brightness: light and windows are stars!

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Let’s delve into Provence style kitchens and their fundamental elements.

We already talked about this style in its entirety, let’s see some details.

Provence style kitchens: what are the recurring elements?

Like in every space that has a defined and recognisable style, like industrial or shabby chic, Provence style kitchens have characteristic recurring traits.

We’d like to take you with imagination towards the perfumed breeze of Provence, before starting to talk about furniture items.

It smells of the sea near the Cote d’Azur, and of flowers, camellia and lavender, thanks to the mild climate of the south of France.

Provence style, in fact, is a softer and less complicated variation of shabby chic, the latter being made of intense decorations, laces, crochets, and so on.

In this style the key elements are light, simple lines, light colours and old-fashioned accessories.

Let’s see what are the elements that we can find in almost every Provence style kitchen.

Windows and brightness: light is always preponderant in Provence.

You can’t have a Provence style kitchen without big windows.

Provence home has a kind of “innate” rurality.

The residences that most of all embody this style are scattered in big fields of lavender or vineyards.

The beautiful big window illuminating the worktop is a recurring element and we’d like to imagine why: maybe the housewives of old used to gaze into the horizon. Maybe they were looking at their husband and children working in the fields while preparing lunch and dinner.

Provence style kitchen with a big window on the sink and the worktop by VIBEKE DESIGN
Big windows always present in Provence style kitchen, like this one by Lightning Connection.
Also this kitchen by Simply Vintagious has a big window on the sink and the worktop.

The deep ceramic sink in Provence style kitchens.

Here’s another element that you will find in every Provence style kitchen: the deep ceramic sink.

Maybe with a touch of modernity in the faucet, but all these kitchens have this piece of furniture that we consider just timeless.



A ceramic sink with modern faucet as seen on
Another example of deep sink, ideal for Provence style kitchens by Blesser House

Curtains in place of shutters: another key element

This is another feature that you can often find in a French cottage.

Kitchen cupboards and shelving usually come with curtains instead of doors and shutters.

They are mainly found in built-in furniture or in masonry kitchens. 

With that, a country style touch is guaranteed!

Provence style kitchen with fabric elements by Postcards from the ridge
A cupboard under the sink with a fabric shutter, from Home design ideas.

Flowers, flowers and more flowers: the importance of the floral element to refresh and perfume the room!

A kitchen without flowers is not a Provence style kitchen.

Whether they are branches, bulbs, buds or cut flowers it doesn’t matter: what counts is finding a perfumed bunch of flowers on the table or the shelves, which will bring the essence and the lightness of Provence inside our home.

The ideal centerpiece for a Provence style kitchen by The Turquoise Home.
Bulbs and vines for this kitchen by VIBEKE DESIGN.
A beautiful bunch of roses and buttercups from

Although recalling the past, Provence style doesn’t overdo it, on the contrary, it underlines it with class and elegance.

Do you also love this style? We hope so, and we’d like to share opinions and thoughts about it.

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