Have you got at least eight square meters at your disposal? Would you like to recreate at your home a real relax corner provided with a sauna, emotional shower and hammam in a room only?

Jacuzzi offers you the right solution, that is: Sasha.

A new concept created through a mixture of technology and skill signed by Jacuzzi. The materials they have used are the newest ones such as the steam and high temperatures resistant wood for the coverings.
In particular, you can choose among the following three different models:

  • Sasha: in 8 meters only it is possible to put together hamman, emotional shower and sauna in ten different combinations. It is ideal to be placed either in the bathroom or at sight, thanks to its smart and exclusive design.

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  • Sasha 2.0: in addition to the former model, Sasha 2.0 is available in Corian, a non – deformable, water proof and high temperatures resistant material.


  • Sasha-Mi: a real wellness center in 3 square meters only, thanks to a wooden, steel and crystal box housing a relax area provided with sauna , hammam and emotional shower inside. The shower, thanks to its water vapour cloud, helps you to expel your toxins and strengthen your immune defences.