Have you been looking for a round or a rectangular table for your kitchen or living-room for a long time? Here are some suggestions for you!

A few days ago I got an e-mail from one of my readers who asked me some suggestions and useful addresses about how to buy an industrial-style table. An original and not such a common one.
There are several proposals on sale but it is easy to find banal ones. As regards the choice of decorations, ceiling lamps and wall paintings, I left you lots of addresses and sites where you can buy but as regards tables and chairs, the matter is a little harder.
I suggest you to have a glance at the following e-shop and at its products: Mobaris.it.
Looking round the various sections you can find a large number of industrial style tables and chairs. All the furnishings you see, can be adapted to your needs. In fact, by an e-mail, you can ask all the changes you need as regards dimensions and shapes.
Let us see in details the solutions I chose for you:

  • Industrial style Table ‘Henry’

industrial style rectangular table

The table Henry you can see in the picture is made of a recycled wood top and a metal structure. The stands, in a mere industrial style, give it an original and winning look. The one you see in the picture has got the following dimensions: 200x100x78 cm.

  • Industrial style Table ‘Round’

industrial style, round table

As an option to the classical, rectangular table, on the same site, Mobaris.it, is also available the round, industrial-style table Round. Its main features, besides a solid top made of a 5.5 cm thick durmast, are its crossed legs made of steel. Its wooden top is even more marked thanks to a metal framework around it.

  • Industrial style Table ‘Kemal’

industrial style rectangular table

The table Kemal is a piece of furniture of a great visual effect due to its imposing top and the original crossed legs supporting it.Its peculiarity is just its top made partly of wood and partly of cement. In this picture it has got the following dimensions: 200x90x78cm.
And you, which one do you prefer? And above all, which one would you choose for your house?