Sometimes it takes so little to give the house an industrial touch.

If you want to add vintage materials to your fittings, I will give you some suggestions in the next lines.

First of all, we will concentrate on one of the main room of the house: the kitchen.

Although you have already got a kitchen, in a typical modern style maybe, you will take just a little to give it that industrial touch you like so much.

accessori in stile industriale



Let’s start from the cooking top and everybody’s needs like having salt, pepper and other spices at hand. A nice spice holder to hang on the wall, maybe a wire netting one, or silver colored or in copper is what you need.

If you have got a pretty good manual hability, you can do it by yourselves in a short time. If there is more room left, you might add, next to it, a useful tubular ladle holder, the same color as the spice holder. Doing that, the whole kitchen will get an industrial look.


About two years ago I already dealt with industrial-style tables. They can be rectangular, round or square, but the effect is always great!

In this case too, if you are good enough to do it by yourselves using some salvage and a bit of imagination, you will be able to make wonderful ones. In my opinion, the wooden top is essential. I love that used wood with deep grains we can not only see, but also feel by touching it. To make the whole table industrial is fundamental a steel structure too.


At this point, the lighting is really important!

Once you have chosen an industrial-style table, it is the moment to choose the lamp. For instance, if you have decided to place a rectangular table in your dining room, I suggest you to choose a lamp of the same shape. You might decide to use an irregularly shaped trunk of a tree and adorn it with bulbs of different lenghts with filaments at sight: cheap and effective, I’d say!


Complete the whole by choosing industrial-style accessories to be placed right on the table, such as some magazines, hermetic jars containing colored sweets or cereals and many other things of the same style. You can choose a pot with candles in it that you might use to create a romantic atmosphere.

Well then, there are plenty of ideas. Write me on about which one you prefer or, if you like, send me your hints.

I wish you a nice day.

accessori in stile industriale