The residential project by Diesel reaches new heights and arrives to Las Vegas.

The global denim brand, flagship of Renzo Rosso’s Otb group, has just made a join venture with the real estate and lifestyle promoter BelVillage.

Renzo Rosso, founder of Diesel and president of Otb Group

Together, the fashion brand and BelVillage will design a residential building in the Neon City.

The building will be located in the Arts District, the fashion side of the world’s entertainment capital.

Wynwood condominium by Diesel in Miami

The project involves about 250 real estates and wide shared areas, imagined for the next gen with a green attitude.

This is the second residential project by Diesel, following the one in Wynwood, the design district of Miami.

The residential project by Diesel, a green building for the next generation

Diesel strengthens its real estate and interior design presence, building an innovative, social and contemporary house for the new generation.

Most of all, the new house concept must be green. This new residential project will satisfy the highest requirement in terms of sustainability, with a Leed certification.

The brand will customize all the shared areas and the private spaces, bringing to Las Vegas the signature style and values of Diesel Living.

The Wynwood condominium in Miami reflects the style of Diesel houses in Las Vegas

In the Arts District, 250 real estates and common areas will answer to the growing demand for flexibility, style and social interaction.

Moreover, the project involves also a series of prestigious penthouses.

Property or short term rentals will be available for the accommodation, to meet the different needs of Las Vegas inhabitants and visitors.

The revolution carried out by Diesel, one of the first fashion brands to enter the design world

Since its inception, Diesel has been a revolutionary brand.

Leader in the denim sector, it came to shine thanks to its innovative, provocative and brave style and a disruptive communication.

In the mid ’90s, Italian entrepreneur Renzo Rosso challenged and then beat the American competitor Levi’s, becoming the king of jeans.

On the wake of success, Rosso founded the group Otb-Only The Brave, which includes experimental top brands such as Maison Margiela, Marni, Jil Sander, Victor & Rolf.

Despite the group’s expansion, Diesel has kept its relevance and its role of fashion industry precursor. And now it has conquered the world of design.

Diesel Wynwood a miami
The Wynwood condominium in Miami

In the world of Renzo Rosso

“Diesel has been one of the first fashion brands to enter the world of lifestyle and living.”

The brand Diesel Living is going full sail ahead, with an estimated growth of about 20% for 2022.

The key market are leading this growth with a 70% for Europe and North America.

With the new Diesel residential project the house is social

“With Diesel Living we launched the first real contemporary living concept, in which the house has a social role.”

Added Rosso.

Diesel Wynwood
Some Diesel Living furniture which will decorate the new residential project.

This new residential project confirms Diesel’s revolutionary original ideas.

The partner BelVillage believe in the pioneering capacity of the venture.

Maximilian Beltrame, president of Bel Invest group, said:

“BelVillage wants to shift the perception of residential living as a necessity to make it an emotion”

All of this can happen only providing a lifestyle together with the apartment. And “Diesel is the perfect partner to do so”, stated Beltrame.

The works for the first big branded real estate by Diesel in Miami are about to start

Right after announcing the second real estate project in Las Vegas, the spotlights are on the first branded real estate in Miami.

The works for the Wynwood condominium in Florida will get started in the second half of the year.

The rooftop pool of the Wynwood condominium by Diesel

Going a step back, the building has been presented with an innovative promotion consisting in buying a t-shirt and getting a free apartment.

Diesel Wynwood
La campagna vendite di Diesel per acquistare le prime unità immobiliari del Wynwood condominium

The Wynwood condominium is also the first branded building accepting cryptovalues for buying, deposits and transactions.

“We are getting a big consensus” stated the brand.

This is well explained by the fact that right after the beginning of the real estates sales the 30% has been already reserved.

It is estimated that by the end of the year, about 50% of the residential surface will be sold.

“Looking at our first Diesel residential project in Miami, we presented our fresh and original Dna” concluded Renzo Rosso.

Diesel Wynwood a miami
Come le new gen vivono la casa secondo Diesel

“To match the lifestyle of the new generation that lives the house in a different way compared to the past, more freely and in a sustainable way. Now we are ready to bring our visionary approach to Las Vegas”.


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