Design your bathroom according to the newest trends

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This guide is aimed to those who are building or refurbishing their home. We will provide information and inspiration to create a designer bathroom.

In recent years, the bathroom has gained more and more popularity and importance. If you think about it, we spend a lot of time in this space, taking care of our body and our figure.

Having said that, the bathroom must be designed to contain everything we need daily.

In this article we will talk not only about the design of the bathroom, but we will also focus on choosing the right furniture and the most trendy accessories.

Bathroom design: how to decorate it with style

To create a designer bathroom which would be also functional, it’s crucial to choose the right coverings, furniture, fixtures and accessories.

Each one of these must be chosen keeping in mind the others, in order to create a balanced and tidy environment both from the design point of view and space management.

Speaking of bathroom fixtures, there are many to choose from, of every shape and size, from the classic standing ones to suspended models.

Also the heated towel rails and the coverings are available in a multitude of materials and colors.

Let’s talk now about the most important choice in terms of style and storage management: the furniture.

How to choose the bathroom furniture

First thing first, you must think about how much space do you have at your disposal and how to optimize it.

There is plenty of choice for bathroom furniture and each brand has its own design, materials and colors.

Here are some examples of sinks, cabinets and cupboard for the bathroom.

The first model is a sink with a wooden cabinet underneath, both suspended and wall mounted.

The faucet is integrated within the mirror.

designer bathroom sink
This beautiful design is the latest trend

If you have more space to use, we find the next solution very interesting.

As you can see, the bathroom gains in elegance and refinement thanks to well chosen furniture.

This is an example.

Oval mirrors, chests of drawers with integrated sinks are the absolute protagonists of this bathroom. Just look at how this kind of furniture can give personality to your bathroom.

Truth be told, this room gets absolute elegance, distinguishing itself from the old conception of the bathroom as a mere service zone.

designer bathroom 2
A vintage look for this elegant bathroom

The third concept we want to show you is more traditional and in line with classic design.

The idea is to make the most not only of the space under the sink but also aside the mirror, mounting vertical cabinets on the wall, simple but effective.

designer bathroom 3
Furniture designed by Artelinea

Another simple, and yet very elegant solution is this one below by Arlex, which has the natural stone squared sink as central element.

designer bathroom 4
Design by Arlex

The right accessories to complete your designer bathroom

To define a designer bathroom you will need the right accessories. We are talking soap dispensers, towel racks, toothbrush holders and many more that are useful and practical.

Choose them carefully and they will surely make the difference in the design of your bathroom.

Items range according the style and the materials. There are various types, from the more classical style to the modern ones.


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