Good morning girls,

let’s start this week talking of a room quite dear to us women: the kitchen.

In particular, let’s see together how to choose the tiles and coatings suitable to any need, having a glance at all the new proposals that will be shown at Cersaie 2017.

Well then, September is coming, together with Cersaie 2017, the International Exhibition of Ceramics for Architecture and Furnishing. It will be precisely from 25th to 29th September at Bologna ‘s fair ground.

If you are going to renovate or build your house, I suggest you to pop over to there. You will find within reach all the innovations in this sector and, one stand after the other, you will see the styles in fashion this year and get an idea of all the novelties on the market. You will be able to choose among a country style like the one in the picture below, ore more modern ones.

Let’s go on in order:


Country-style kitchens are coming back into fashion and I suggest them above all, but non only, to those who have to furnish country houses. This mood is also suggested to couple with a typically modern style.

Try to imagine a country-style kitchen in an ultramodern city flat, in snow-white tones with steel at sight. I think it is undoubtedly an original, winning solution. I find the tiles you can see in the picture below perfect to couple with a kitchen of this kind. They are square-shaped and remind ‘rétro’ patterns.

As you can see, they are all different one from the other, either in patterns or in colours.

Scegliere le piastrelle per la tua cucina al Cersaie 2017


    In the past few years, another trend in fashion has been the right mingle between tiles and paint. You can see an example of it in the next picture.

    By creating a right pattern with simple, rectangular tiles in a shiny white colour, you will get an incredibile result. As you can see, also the kitchen counter has been covered with tiles of the same size, in a much brighter colour, instead. The orange tiles have been laid horizontally, while the white ones, slantwise.

    Doing that, the result is decidedly original and gives movement to kitchen as a whole.

    Thus, you can see that choosing the right tiles, the look of your kitchen can change definitely.

    Come and find among the new proposals at Cersaie 2017 and draw your inspiration….

    Scegliere le piastrelle per la tua cucina al Cersaie 2017