Our suggestion for living room wallpaper

Here on the interior design magazine FillYourHomeWithLove we often speak about wallpaper.

It’s a colorful world full of fantasy.

Every room can be enhanced with wall customization. The only limit is your creativity: thanks to new technologies and integrated products, wallpaper can suit also the bathroom, or even be used as a backsplash in the kitchen.

In this article, however, we will focus on the living room. We selected various styles to match with an original wallpaper.

Let’s have a look at this collection of ideas and suggestions for living room wallpaper.

Modern living room

A modern living room is often characterized by simple and minimal lines.

Without subverting the balance with bright colors, we thought to “move” the stiffness of the design with a black and white wallpaper depicting natural patterns.

modern living room wallpaper
Living room wallpaper by archiproducts.com.
living room 3d wallpaper
This wallpaper gives a 3D effect to the living room

Shabby chic living room

When you think about “shabby chic” style, you immediately think of soft colors patchworks.

A themed wallpaper is the ideal for a shabby style living room.

shabby wallpaper
A patchwork wallpaper on blog.millem2.com

Classic living room

For a classic style living room, an alternation of matte and glossy surfaces is ideal.

Alternatively, you can go for classic representation, like the one in the picture below.

The wallpaper you see here has mainly two functions.

Firstly, it’s decorative: it gives elegance to the living room and much brightness as well, thanks to its light shades of white and cream.

Moreover, it creates a tridimensional effect on the wall.

3d living room wallpaper

Materials of wallpapers

Depending on which materials the wallpaper is made of, you can create different effects.

materials living room wallpaper
On rebelwalls.com a materic wall created with wallpaper

The main materials of which a wallpaper is made are:

  • Non-woven fabric, easy to set up and with a lower cost
  • Vynil, suitable to every room, even bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Simple paper

Applying different materials you can create infinite beautiful compositions.

We suggest not to choose cheap wallpapers. Usually they are not made of sustainable materials and might be harmful.

Especially for the living room and the bedroom we suggest certified wallpapers made of toxic free materials.

Ideas for wallpapers

Exploring the world of wallpapers will get you inspired.

Let your fantasy run free and without limitations!

For example, we find this contrast between geometric patterns and materic wall very harmonious!

The composition is repriesed also by the rug.

ideas living room wallpaper
Two different types of wallpaper matched on archzine.fr

We also find very interesting artistic wallpaper for the living room.

It’s always good to welcome guests with art and culture.
The living room is surely the most suitable room for this kind of wallpaper.


artistic wallpaper
On photowall.co.uk a flower wallpaper inspired by the works of Vincent Van Gogh

Living room wallpaper price

The price depends mostly on the material of which the wallpaper is made.

Paper and non-woven fabric wallpaper range from €2 to €5 per square meter.

Vinyl ones are a bit more expensive.

To have an idea of the final cost, you must add the hourly cost of removing of pre-existing wallpaper (if present) and plaster smoothing.

Finally, you need to add the set-up costs and, of course, the price of the wallpaper.