Indoor plants: make your home green

Plant lovers will be happy to know that the latest trend in styling is green interior design, or the art of using plants as decorating items.

House plants are the new face of home décor, perfect in every room, from the kitchen to the living room, the bathroom and the bedroom.

True protagonists of home décor, interior plants captivate the attention of your guests and make every space fresher and more lively.

house plants
Here’s an example of how to enrich a living room with plants

Moreover, they keep you company!

You just need to choose the right setting.

Need a hand? Here’s some ideas for you!

Mobile garden: decorating with house plants

Ever thought to put plants on a designer trolley?

Not only is it simple to move in every corner of the house, the plant trolley is a proper elegant decorating item.

It is capable of capturing the attention and brightening your rooms!

plant trolley
An IKEA trolley filled with plants. Image by Devon Jarvis

Little green spots across the house

Choose the most luminous area of the room and make it a little green island for house plants.

Put them together in groups, like they were domestic woods, or compose them varying the sizes of the single plants.

You will have fun creating different types of plant compositions!

indoor plants
Some common indoor plants

Let’s have a look at the most common house plants:


You can start with Monstera deliciosa, Kalanchoe, Beharensis, Zamia. Smaller types include Echeveria, Crassula, Cereus, Aloe, Stapelie ed Echinocactus.

Hanging house plants

There’s something about hanging gardens: just hang the vases on different levels and alternate hanging plants (such as Senecio, Delosperma, Aporocactus) to more compact plants like Ferns, Clivia or Orchid Phalaenopsis.

You could also hang elegant glass boules, creating fairy little green worlds within.

hanging plants
Indoor hanging garden

Another idea is to enrich a staircase with hanging vines, Ivy, Cissus Eschianto or Tradescanthia Zebrina.

A green bookshelf

House plants can also be placed in your library.

 Put some hanging plants on the higher shelves, or succulent plants, such as Lepismium houlletianum and Bolivianum.

You could also go for an evergreen little sized Ceropegia woodii, also known as “chain of hearts”, for its heart-shaped leaves.

plants for your home
Some beautiful plants for your home

Also beautiful and easy to maintain house plants are  Ficus Pumila, Falangio and Peperomia.


Green accessories

Indoor plants alone are not enough to create a green space.

You must pay attention to the details and to the right balance between plants and designer accessories, décor ideas and other green mood items.

Relevant examples include hanging baskets to create hanging gardens, wallpaper and pillows with floral decorations.

If you like DIY, compose a little Flower Bag with moss, flowers and plants, or one of the most appreciated decorating items among green addicted: Mug Gardens.

succulent house plants
Succulent plants in small vases

The Coffee plant is very trending, but you can put whatever sort of plant inside a mug, decorating it with little stones, shells and any other item you can think of!