Thermo Lux – the thermo-fittings design by Project the Sign

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Good morning !

Let’s go on discovering all the proposals of thermo-fittings signed by Project The Sign.

Last month I introduced you the firm, their mission, their search and care for details and their dedication to personalizing their products.

Today I’m showing you another model of thermo-fittings designed by the firm in Civita Castellana: Thermo Lux.

You can choose between two different models according to your needs: horizontal or vertical.
As I told you last month, all the thermo-fittings are hand-made, using the most modern technologies in working baked clay, a resistant material with a high ability of propagation of the heat.
As regards the aesthetical characteristics such as colors and patterns, you can choose among lots of hues and general patterns proposed by the firm itself or, if you prefer, you can have them personalized.
Thermo Lux is suitable for any room in your house: from the bathroom to the bedroom, from the living-room to the kitchen. A real radiator that, seen by others, might become a picture, a canvas you can personalize as you like best.
If you decide to put a mould on, this will be laid down on the clay surface and baked again together with it.
This further step will give it a total adherence with a very good result, both aesthetically and for its technical performances.
Thanks to the shaping device you can find on their site, Project The Sign gives you the chance to see the preview of the final effect the thermo-fittings will give the room they’ll be installed in.

You have got two options: you can either upload the photo of the room where you wish them to be installed or, otherwise, choose among three different options as regards the rooms: warm, modern or classic.

Afterwards, you will have to insert the dimensions, to choose the model you prefer and send everything to the professional technicians who will give you all the information as soon as possible.

Enjoy yourselves to contextualize in your house all the radiators proposed by the firm and choose the most suitable design and color for your house.
I’m waiting for you, next month, to tell you about other proposals from Project The Sign.





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