Let’s configure your living-room with Project the Sign and their radiators.

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When we are furnishing our house, we all feel a little bit like architects and interior designers. We use to look for online solutions and try to sketch ideas on improvised plans , setting fittings , armchairs and sofas.
Today I am inviting you to sketch with me not only your future living-room, but also how and where to place the radiators.

To do that, let’s go on the Project the Sign site and open the ‘ Configure’ section, a useful means to create a real idea of the final effect after a renovation or in furnishing your house.

If you already have got a picture of the room you are going to furnish, insert it easily using the push ‘upload file’, otherwise, if you are still in the building phase, you can choose a scene and furnish it.
Among the options I choose the warm setting, more similar to my house and I insert a beige sofa and a white armchair, matching with the ceiling and the floor lamps. I will add also a light colored TV holder and some pictures on the walls to personalize as much as possible what is going to be my living-room. Let’s think of the radiators that, as you already know, are there not only to heat our houses, but also to furnish and personalize the flat they are placed in. You can choose among various solutions of the manifold lines of radiators signed Project the Sign such as: Thermo Lux Verticalis or Horizontalis, Thermo Classical, Thermo Sculptor or Thermo Infinitus, the new made one, by Project the Sign .
Thanks to its original and revisited design, Thermo Infinitus gives harmony and creativity to the wall where it is placed. In my classical style living-room, I would imagine it in a dull white color, but if you prefer a modern style, you can choose among lots of available hues.

You will also be able to decide to create a wonderful and unusual rainbow effect, even matching the colors of the furnishings you chose for the living-room. You will also be able to establish the number of the elements of the radiator, to make it suitable for any room and size.

You already know Project the Sign and the quality of their products: in my past articles I stated that all their radiators are made totally in baked clay, following a manufacturing process according to the best technologies and innovations. Let’s say a real warranty whether as regards their working and their exclusive designs.
Once you have completed you project, the Project the Sign planning team will contact you as soon as possible both for technical advices and for possible observations on the design you have chosen.
What could I add? Enjoy yourselves to make different sketches as I did, and choose the more suitable for your tastes and your needs.

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Margherita Succi
Margherita Succi
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