A day with Giulio Cappellini at Biagetti Alvaro Arredamenti.

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On Friday, June 26th, I had the pleasure to spend a whole day together with Giulio Cappellini, as a guest at the furniture shop Biagetti Alvaro at Santarcangelo di Romagna.
Everybody certainly knows about some of his works and his personal career, but I am telling you something about him, with pleasure.
Giulio Cappellini is one of the most renowned Italian designers in the world not only for his creations which have become real works of art, but also for his ability to turn a real talent scout for those young architects who, growing at his side, can give free play to their creativity, learning fundamental notions in this field, continuously.

Besides the creation of the business bearing his same name, Giulio Cappellini is also the art director for other leading firms in the world of furniture and interior design such as Ceramica Flaminia and Alcantara Spa.

That is why, as you can understand, his presence at Biagetti Alvaro Arredamenti was a real event where several customers, architects and interior designers turned up.
Cappellini delighted us with his interesting talks and above all, with his art and his timeless taste, personalizing and dressing the shop windows with lots of his creations.
I assure you that the result left everybody wordless: starting from the setting up of the open air area, to the colored and queer setting up of the inside, using lots of his fittings, some of which belonging to the private collection of the Biagettis.
A whole of colors, shapes and geometries coming from an everlasting design.

giulio cappellini, biagetti arredamenti santarcangelo, margherita succi


giulio cappellini, biagetti arredamenti santarcangelo, margherita succi


giulio cappellini, biagetti arredamenti santarcangelo, margherita succi

giulio cappellini, biagetti arredamenti santarcangelo, margherita succi

Margherita Succi
Margherita Succi
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